18-Year-Old Charged In Murder Of 7-Year-Old Girl, Two Suspects Remain At Large; BLM Silent 

An 18-year-old man was charged over the weekend for the murder of 7-year-old Chicago girl Jaslyn Adams, though two other suspects remain at large.

Marion Lewis was charged with first-degree murder of Adams and denied bond on Sunday, according to WGN-TV. He’s also facing some 17 other felony charges:

Marion Lewis, 18, faces a first-degree murder charge along with 17 other felony charges, including one count of aggravated vehicular hijacking, three counts of attempted first-degree murder and six counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

The Associated Press reported that Lewis “drove up behind a car driven by the girl’s father while two other men got out and opened fire,” according to prosecutors.

“The two other suspects in the April 18 killing of Jaslyn Adams have been identified by police but have not been charged, prosecutors said,” the AP added. “It was not immediately known if either suspect was in custody.”

“You can run but you can’t hide,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown of the remaining suspects. “We are going to bring you to justice for this crime. The Adams family deserves nothing less.”

Last weekend, Adams was fatally shot while waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive-thru. The child’s father was shot, too, but survived the attack.

The suspected motives behind the attack remain unreleased by police officials, but the car was found covered in bullet holes, suggesting a targeting of the girl’s father.

There were at least 30 shell casings outside the vehicle after the shooting, said a CBS Chicago report, noting that the tinted windows on the sides of the vehicle were shot out, too.

Adams was hit multiple times in the upper body and was rushed to an area hospital by a local police officer, but succumbed to her injuries. Her father, 29-year-old Jontae Adams, was hit in the upper body but survived the attack.

Lewis, as well as the 7-year-old girl, are both black. However, there have been no marches or protests for the life of the innocent girl by Black Lives Matter activists. And, as highlighted by The Daily Wire, when Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot commented on the horrific shooting, she referenced so-called “gun violence,” leaving out the child’s race.

“I am heartbroken and angered that a 7-year-old child was killed this afternoon on Chicago’s West Side,” Lightfoot posted to Twitter last Sunday. “This unthinkable act of violence has no place here. The epidemic of gun violence cutting our children’s lives short cannot go on.”

One major criticism of the left-wing Black Lives Matter movement is the group’s refusal to focus on all innocent black lives, instead seemingly picking out controversial and politically opportune cases that help advance, for example, their goal of nationally defunding police. Black-on-black crime is completely ignored by the movement, as it doesn’t fit their agenda.

A resident in Rochester, New York, recently called out BLM activists for ignoring black-on-black crime in the city. “If the police were killing us at the rate we’re killing ourselves, I suspect this town would be on fire,” said Rudy Rivera, CEO of Rochester’s Father Laurence Tracy Advocacy Center on North Clinton Avenue.

Rivera noted the protesting he saw this summer in response to the death of a black man named Daniel Prude following a police interaction. The activists who sparked the protests — and many nights of subsequent destructive, violent rioting in the city — are now nowhere to be found as murder continues to spike in Rochester.

“When we kill ourselves, I say to myself, where are the protests lining this street?’” Rivera questioned activists. “Where are the people within our own community, who know what’s going on here? And that’s the most tragic part of this whole story, everybody knows what’s happening here, and yet, it persists.”

“Where are the voices” of the activists who held press conferences nearly every day over officer-involved incidents, Rivera asked.

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