Former GOP Rep Calls Crenshaw Immoral Criticizing Troop Draw-Down. Crenshaw Fires, ‘My Friends Risking Their Lives Understand A Basic Truth That You Refuse To: This Enemy Wants To Kill Us’

After reports stated that President Trump was expected to greatly reduce U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) — a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in Afghanistan on his third deployment, underwent several surgeries, and then deployed twice more — criticized the decision. Crenshaw’s criticism of the potential troop reduction prompted former GOP representative Justin Amash (MI) to call Crenshaw “immoral,” a comment met with a blistering response from the Texas congressman.

The exchange began with Crenshaw taking issue with the decision to draw down troops from Afghanistan. He wrote: “Withdrawing troops rapidly might make some people feel better, but it won’t be good for American security. We will be right back in the same place as pre-9/11. No deterrence, no situational awareness, vulnerable to emboldened terrorists.”

In response, Amash, who voted to impeach President Trump, later leaving the GOP and joining the Libertarian Party in April, called Crenshaw “immoral.”

“These wars have gone on for nearly two decades,” Amash wrote. “What he’s really saying is that he wants perpetual war for just-in-case reasons, knowing there’s no real oversight from Congress or mandate from the American people. It’s immoral and dangerous.”

Crenshaw ripped Amash for his Manichean perspective, firing back, “Your ignorance is appalling — namely your inability to view presence overseas as anything but ‘war’ or ‘not war.’ And it’s telling that you can’t make an argument, but instead default to childish name-calling ‘well he is just immoral.’ Spare us the sanctimonious sloganeering.”

Despite having just called Crenshaw “immoral,” Amash accused him of “name calling”: “Get real. You resort to name calling and then falsely play the victim of name calling with a made-up quote. Perpetual war is immoral and dangerous. You should stop excusing it.”

Crenshaw got down to brass tacks: “Immoral? Based on? My friends risking their lives understand a basic truth that you refuse to: this enemy wants to kill us. Protecting America’s flank is indeed ‘moral,’ a basic duty of govt, and yes, dangerous. Thankfully we have people willing to take that risk when you won’t.”

Crenshaw is a retired lieutenant commander with the United States Navy, and was formerly a Navy SEAL. According to his campaign website’s “about” section, he “graduated from Tufts University in 2006, where he earned his Naval officer commission through Navy ROTC.” After graduation, he reported immediately to SEAL training, where he excelled, and then deployed to Fallujah, in Iraq — the first of five tours of duty serving his country overseas.

Crenshaw lost his eye on his third deployment. “After six months of combat operations,” Crenshaw’s official biography notes, “Dan was hit by an IED blast during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan.” He lost his right eye and his left was “badly damaged.” After undergoing several surgeries, Crenshaw returned to service, deploying twice more.

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