Janice Dean Names Celebrities Who Lauded Cuomo: Apologize To The Women And Families

On Wednesday, Fox News’ meteorologist Janice Dean, who had relentlessly pursued New York Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo for his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, targeted celebrities who had lavished praise on Cuomo but still have not apologized for their championing of him.

She tweeted, “It would be very helpful if some of these celebrities that fawned over @andrewcuomo fessed up to their terrible judgement and apologized to the women and families affected by their tone deaf comments last year. But they won’t. “

Dean then named some celebrities who had lauded Cuomo last year, including Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Joel, Billy Crystal, Rosie Perez, Ben Stiller, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, and Cher.

In November 2020, when the Emmys gave Cuomo the Founders Award “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic and his masterful use of television to inform and calm people around the world,” host Bruce Paisner stated:

Last spring, when the virus was new and out of control, and the people of New York were frightened at its relentless spread. One man took it upon himself to use technology to spread reliable information and tell citizens what to do. … And as spring turned into summer this year, the people of New York went from fear of the unknown to increasing knowledge of what was known and a sense that somebody had a plan.

Billy Crystal breathed, “In the darkest days of the pandemic, your daily briefings, live from New York, gave us hope, gave us clarity, gave us the truth, and gave us something we were not getting from Washington: Leadership.”

Billy Joel added, “In the midst of this storm, Andrew Cuomo became the nation’s governor. People across the country tuned into his press conferences every day.” Perez stated, “Governor Andrew Cuomo, you are the man.” Stiller: “I look up to you still.”

Joel wrote of Cuomo on his website in March 2020, “We are not at all surprised by his leadership during such a chaotic time and we are so proud of him. We’re lucky to call him ‘The Godfather,’ his favorite title, and our friend.”

In March 2020, Handler penned an article in Vogue with the gushing title,“Dear Andrew Cuomo, I Want to Be Your First Lady.” She wrote:

Between watching episodes of Tiger King and episodes of Trump’s daily press briefings and trying to find more marijuana to ingest, I quicken to something that cuts through the insanity. Out of the darkness, you, Andrew Cuomo, walk into my life, looking remarkably like the Incredible Hulk.… Thank you, Andrew Cuomo. Thank you for reminding us that there are men who can lead and be clear and tell the truth—even when the news is bad. Who practice benevolent ruthlessness. (Thanks, Maureen Dowd.) Who speak to Americans with respect. Thank you for being a leader at a time when so many of us were desperately looking for one.

Cher had her moment of gushing in April 2020, tweeting, “I’m in love with Andrew Cuomo.”

The same month, Sarah Silverman wrote, “I really hope @NYGovCuomo sees this awesome @RandyRainbow video from one great New Yorker to another.”

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