Justin Timberlake: I’ll Help Pay Bail For Arrested Protesters. Ted Cruz Suggests Better Use Of His Money

On Saturday, pop star Justin Timberlake added his voice to the celebrities offering to fund bail for rioters who were too poor to make bail.

“Please join me in supporting the Minneapolis protestors by donating to the @mnfreedomfund,” the musician and actor tweeted. “The freedom fund is combating the harms of incarceration by paying bail for low income individuals who cannot otherwise afford: minnesoatafreedomfund.org.”

On Sunday night, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded on Twitter with a suggestion that Timberlake instead offer his support to law-abiding citizens who had been harmed by the looters and rioters among the protesters.

“Justin, how about giving your millions to a fund to help the African-American and Hispanic small businesses that are being burned & looted, rather than a fund to bail out the spoiled (often white) ANTIFA terrorists who are destroying minority communities?” Cruz wrote.

Cruz also took note Sunday night that a Minneapolis City council member had tweeted his support for Antifa.

Cruz responded bluntly, “This is deranged. They are literally burning your city.”

The impact of the destruction of the rioters was highlighted in a report by an ABC-affiliate, which interviewed a disabled Minneapolis resident on Saturday. Asked how she was doing amid the chaos, south Minneapolis resident Stephanie Wilford sobbed, explaining that the only stores she could reach were being destroyed.

“I have nowhere to go now. I have no way to get there because the buses aren’t running,” she said, weeping. “These people did this for no reason. It’s not going to bring George (Floyd) back here.”

Transcript and video below:

Wilford: Scary. I live in that high-rise back here, and I’d seen them as they came down Lake Street, but then they turned and started coming over here. And I’m sitting up looking in my window. And they went straight to Office Max and Dollar Store and every store over here that I go to. I have nowhere to go now. I have no way to get there because the buses aren’t running. These people did this for no reason. It’s not going to bring George (Floyd) back here; George is in a better place than we are. And last night, I’m going to be honest, I wished I was where George was because this is ridiculous. These people are tearing up my livelihood. This is the only place I can go to shop. And now I don’t have anywhere to go. I don’t have any way to get there.

When the National Guard came down 31stand they realized that they were coming down 31st, they tried to run in the building where I live at. And they couldn’t get in because that was security, and I’m glad they were there. Because if they had got in that building, there’s no telling where they would have hid to stay safe and try to mess with us inside the building because we’re handicapped. And I’m not trying to use handicapped as a crutch, but there are certain things I can or cannot do. And for them to do what they did last night was just stupid; it was ignorant. Now what are you gonna do? Where you gonna shop at? Half the people probably don’t even live in Minnesota. They don’t care.”

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