KLAVAN: The Racial Matrix

For those of us who truly believe black lives matter, Black Lives Matter is a criminally wicked movement.

BLM’s attacks on the police have resulted and will continue to result in more of the felonious violence that claims so many black victims – in L.A. alone, homicides are up 250 percent since the recent riots.

BLM’s disruption of businesses and encouragement of looting may cow some white liberals now, but they will ultimately increase anti-black sentiment and will slow blacks’ ability to rejoin a resurgent economy.

And BLM’s stated leftist commitment to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement” is just one more stage in the Left’s destruction of precisely that family structure that is the only hope of black children.

The Democrats think they can control this violent outfit and use them to protect the multi-billion-dollar welfare patronage scam that has maintained their power base for 60 years while keeping blacks dependent and socially hobbled. It’s a cruel con. Because Democrats are in the pocket of corrupt teachers’ unions, they destroy the charter schools that give black kids a chance. But they absolutely love BLM’s gobbledygook talk of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” because those are amorphous nothings that can never be addressed. They therefore allow whites a warming sense of self-accusatory virtue while keeping blacks mired in endless self-destroying grievance politics that will never undermine the oppressive systems that profit Democrat elites.

Now, because of the BLM-Democrat complex, all of virtuous Washington is focused on police reform. Police Departments are powerful organizations and should always be on the lookout for ways to lighten their touch while still controlling crime. But while relations between police and black Americans may be problematical, surely one important source of that trouble must be the extraordinary high crime rate in black neighborhoods. When 13 percent of the population – and it’s really six percent because we’re mostly talking about men – commit roughly 50 percent of the murders, mostly of other blacks, police reform is an issue on the margins.

Meanwhile, because of Democrat welfare policies that encouraged irresponsible parenting, Democrat feminist philosophy that discounted the worth of fathers, and Democrat encouragement of sexual liberation that discounted the value of marriage, blacks now have an illegitimacy rate higher than the bad old days when Democrat slavemasters were actually breaking up their families by design. Study after study shows that, without fathers, children are at high risk of failure, substance abuse, and crime. But no one has the guts to address this central issue.

The Democrat party is a cancer on black American lives. The latest stage of that cancer is Black Lives Matter.

Yet if you speak any of these truths online or out loud, you are in danger of losing your job or your reputation. A UCLA college professor was suspended after he followed a university directive and refused to bow to virtue signaling white students’ demands to reschedule an exam for black students in the wake of George Floyd’s death. An NBA play-by-play announcer had to resign after tweeting “All Lives Matter.” And so on.

Corporations, constrained by decades of restrictive and arbitrary civil rights legislation and law, are terrified. They can be sued for just thinking racist thoughts, and the evidence to prove the case against them can include some untoward remark some employee made ten years ago in the back of a taxi after a couple of drinks. No wonder they fire you if you say anything that might come back to haunt them.

The result is a fear of speaking the truth. Which means lies win. Which means the Left and its media have been allowed to create a Matrix – an entirely false narrative in which just those very prescriptions that will make black lives worse provide whites a sense of virtue while continuing the Democrat destruction of actual black lives.

My suspicion is that a great many black Americans know this. But they too are afraid. Their leaders are invested in this system. A scurrilous con man like Al Sharpton Junior draws all his prestige and power from it. Corrupt and incompetent black politicians around the country thrive in it. Stand up to them and you too will be penalized for transgressing the Matrix.

All people have tribal prejudices, but Americans are not racist in any way that hampers success. Jamaicans and Nigerians succeed here. Koreans and Chinese and Indians and Japanese and Jews and everybody else. 

Only that small segment of our society that has been the constant recipient of Democrat largesse and governance is continually mired in crime and dysfunction. That leads people to regard that segment with suspicion, hostility, and fear. Free blacks from the Democrats and they will rise like every other group in America.

But for that to happen, we’re going to need a bigger red pill.

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