Matt Walsh And Candace Owens Discuss BLM: Conservatives Too Afraid Of Being Called Racist

Daily Wire podcast host, columnist, and author Matt Walsh appeared on “The Candace Owens Show” this Sunday to discuss a range of issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement and many conservatives’ apparent hesitation to voice strong opposition to the radical group out of fear of being smeared as racist.

Owens went further and said there is glaring racism toward white people in our country, highlighting mainstream anti-white articles that she argued have become totally permissible.

“I don’t understand why Antifa gets all of the grief from conservatives these days, while we seem to leave Black Lives Matter alone,” Walsh told Owens when asked his “unfiltered” thoughts on the BLM movement.

“I’m being a little bit intentionally naive,” Walsh explained, “I do understand. I know why they do it: because they’re afraid of being called racist.”

“We know Antifa is an extremist group, domestic terrorist group — I agree with that classification from [President Donald] Trump. I would put Black Lives Matter very close to that same camp,” he said. “I think it’s a violent group from its very inception. I mean Black Lives Matter came along and then we had Ferguson riots, Baltimore riots, five police officers were killed in Dallas at a BLM rally, and now we have this round of riots, yet again.”

“This seems to me to be a movement that was born in violence, has been violent from the beginning, and then when you look at what they actually say, what they profess — go to their website. All these idiot Republicans like Mitt Romney, that are out marching and saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ … You’re gonna endorse Black Lives Matter? Look at their website, look what they have to say. They’re talking about disrupting the nuclear family, Mitt. Is that what you want to do? You want to disrupt the nuclear family?”

Walsh noted that BLM’s official website also calls for the “breaking down of heteronormative thinking, whatever the hell that is,” adding that the activist group believes that “white supremacy is killing black people in this country every day.”

“Every day people are dying? Black people are dying at the hands of white supremacists? This is just delusional nonsense,” Walsh said. “Black Lives Matter is a radical extremist group, and I believe a violent group.”

Owens chimed in, “You brought up an important point that conservatives won’t attack it, and allow it to go on.”

“I find this to be so frustrating about the conservative movement; it’s not just Black Lives Matter,” she continued. “Conservatives are afraid.”

“I think that, you know, what the Left did brilliantly was they just [shifted] the Overton window, where they just started calling everybody an extremist. You’re either ‘literally Hitler,’ a racist, a sexist, misogynist, that when these things come up, that are so obviously [bulls***], conservatives just won’t come out, they’ll wait until it’s safe to say something.”

Noting of the apparent slow reaction from some conservatives to the #MeToo movement, Owens said they “didn’t want to step into the stereotype, which was invented by the Left, that, you know, people on the Right don’t care about women, don’t care about gay people, don’t care about human rights issues whatsoever.”

“The crazy thing for me,” Walsh said, “is I think you’re right that they the reason why they’re afraid is because they know that everyone gets called racist and bigot and everything, but for me, my reaction is on the extreme other end, where it’s just, I know you’re going to call me that anyway no matter what I do, so I just don’t care at all.”

“It doesn’t mean anything to me to be called racist or homophobe or sexist, and that’s unfortunate,” he continued. “It should mean something. It’s a horrible thing to actually be racist, there are racist people out there; it’s terrible to be racist, so it should be a meaningful accusation. It’s not anymore.”

“But the way I look at it, it’s not my fault. The fact that I don’t care that you’re calling me that is not my fault, it’s your fault for calling everybody that,” Walsh said. “So when you say the word racist, I don’t know what you’re describing. You could be describing an actual racist, but nine times out of ten, you’re just talking about someone who expressed an opinion you don’t like. And I’m supposed to take that seriously now?

Owens said, “If you’re gonna make an argument that we live in a society where racism is rampant, then you’re talking about racism towards white people.”

“I replace the word black with white” as an “exercise,” the host said. “I’ll be reading an article on BuzzFeed … it’ll say, ‘white people need to shut up,’ so I’ll replace that word and say, I can’t imagine an experience as a black person scrolling through my Twitter feed and BuzzFeed writes, ‘black people need to shut up.’”

“That is just so racist. I mean, it’s okay. ’10 things white people need to stop doing,’ these are real articles,” she continued. “So I can’t imagine turning on my screen and seeing, ’10 things black people need to stop doing.’ This would never happen, and yet it’s become so permissible to white America for this to happen.”

“People don’t even acknowledge that this is racism,” Owens said. “They say ‘reverse racism’ can’t exist.’ You’re right, it’s just racism. It’s not ‘reverse,’ it’s just racism.”

Owens argued that it’s become permissible to be racist toward white people “partly because of this element of white guilt, where people are just taking it.”

Later in the show, Walsh emphasized that he understood the real risk conservatives take for speaking out against the mainstream narrative, noting that so-called “cancel culture” could strip you of your livelihood. However, the columnist argued that such a risk might be worth taking.

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