New Details Emerge On Joe Biden’s Alleged Sexual Assault Of Tara Reade

On Friday, new details from the alleged sexual assault by Joe Biden on his former Senate staffer Tara Reade emerged during an interview with journalist Megyn Kelly.

Reade told Kelly that Biden used graphic language when he allegedly sexually assaulted her and tried to take things even further.

“He was kissing my neck area and he whispered, did I want to go somewhere else in a low voice,” Reade said. “He said some other things. I can’t remember everything he said, but he said something vulgar.”

“May I ask what?” Kelly asked.

“He said, ‘I want to f*** you,’” Reade claimed. “And he said it low and I was pushing away.”

Reade later said that she was leaving the Democratic Party.


In late March, Reade documented the alleged assault which she claims happened when a supervisor instructed her to take a gym bag to Biden.

“I handed him the thing. He greeted me. He remembered my name. And then we were alone,” Reade said. “It was the strangest thing. There was no like exchange really. He just had me up against the wall. I was wearing like a skirt, a business skirt.”

“It happened all at once…his hands were on me and underneath my clothes,” Reade continued. “Yeah, and he went down my skirt but then up inside it, and he penetrated me with his fingers, and he was kissing me at the same time, and he was saying something to me. He said several things. I can’t remember everything he said.”

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