Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Details Problems With Democrats’ Voting Plans

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany laid out the reasons that the Trump administration is against mass scale mail-in voting for the upcoming elections in November, which the Democratic Party wants, by specifically highlighting examples of voter fraud that have occurred in the past.

“First, I want to note that there was a Pew study done that shows there is plenty of reason to believe that mass — in the mass mail-in system, that there is fraud,” McEnany told reporters during a White House press briefing on Thursday. “They estimated that approximately 24 million — one out of every eight voters registered in the U.S. — are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate. So these are people who are on voter registrations that have not been maintained, that have not been kept up. More than 1.8 million have been deceased, they estimated.”

“And then, when you look and drill down into some of the examples that we’ve seen in states, Nevada just — I read about this last week and it just really struck me as a perfect example of what the President is concerned about with mail-in ballots and the fraud that can be inherent in that,” McEnany continued. “There were ballots — because Nevada mass mailed them out to voter rolls that were piling up in apartment complexes — outside of apartment complexes in Las Vegas, sitting around in trash cans.  This is how we’re protecting ballots?  It’s extraordinary.”

“Postal workers — one 36-year-old — a 36-year veteran carrier said she’s never seen anything like these influx of absentee ballots. All of the people had moved or died when she set out to deliver on her first delivery route. And this happened just recently,” McEnany continued. “You can go read the articles from last week. She found 65 ballots of people who had moved or died. On her second carry, 100. And then as the week progressed, thousands just sitting in crates. I mean, this is extraordinary. This is not how we should be protecting U.S. ballots.”

“In South Carolina, Dems — the Democrats sued to force a rush transfer of mail-in voting. And this happened again recently; I think it was last week. And mail-in ballots for South Carolina turned up in Maryland,” McEnany continued. “There’s another example of 700 suspicious mail-in ballots in Dallas and an individual charged with second-degree felony, illegal voting. And he’s accused of visiting a woman in April to collect her blank absentee ballot, filling it out, and forging her signature. I mean, this is extraordinary.”

McEnany concluded, “And then you go on: There’s a New Jersey example of over 3,000 ballots that were seemingly set aside. And going to California — you mentioned — California is one of those states that’s notorious for ballot harvesting. And in 2018, the registrar in Orange County said that they reported that his office had people dropping off maybe 100 or 200 ballots at a time. And somehow, in LA County, 112 percent of LA County is registered to vote.”



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