She Said She Was Raped At A Houston Immigration Detention Center. She Lied To Get A Visa.

In 2018, a Mexican woman was detained at a Houston immigration detention center after getting released from prison for abusing a child. Two years later, in 2020, she filed a lawsuit claiming she had been raped and even impregnated during the two months she was in the center – a lie she hoped would get her a visa.

The woman, referred to only as Jane Doe because she used a pseudonym in court documents, had lived in Texas illegally for 10 years, the Houston Chronicle reported. She had spent two years in prison after she was convicted of causing injury to a child, and was transferred to the Houston Processing Center because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed a detainer on her following her release from prison.

Jane was in the Center for two months, and claimed she was raped the night before she was to be deported. Two years later she filed a lawsuit against CoreCivic Inc., the company that actually ran the Center. She claimed that she was raped in a dark room at the facility after being taken there by guards. She said two other women were in the room during the assault. Jane demanded monetary damages and sought a visa to remain in the U.S.

Her lies were uncovered when a transcript of a phone interview between Jane and a Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigator and ICE special agent contained her confession that she made up the story in order to get a visa.

“In the interview, the agents informed the plaintiff that they found and interrogated the other two women, who said they were not raped and did not witness any sexual assault. The accuser, insisting that she was raped, then admitted it did not happen at the CoreCivic facility, as stated in the lawsuit,” the Chronicle reported.

She changed her story to say that she was raped in Nuevo Laredo in Mexico after she was deported. Jane told investigators that she was raped, but not at the Houston detention center, but in Mexico. She said she was impregnated and didn’t know who the father was because she had been raped by three strangers.

Jane said women in the town told her to say she had been raped in order to qualify for a visa to go back to the U.S. Women can claim they were raped and abused and easily obtain a visa, which provides a perverse incentive to lie.

The Daily Wire previously reported on similar abuse of the visa system, in the form of women who marry men to get a green card and then claim abuse in order to get divorced and start a life of their own. The law that allows this is known as the Violence Against Women Act, which offers perverse incentives for women to lie about abuse in order to gain personal benefits. VAWA conveniently keeps the government from investigating marriage-fraud claims, and heavily discourages questioning of women’s claims.

Jane’s lawyers dismissed their lawsuit after she confessed.

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