SNL Finally Takes Aim At Biden, Mocks His AF1 Stumbles, Cheat Sheets

“Saturday Night Live” beat up on former President Donald Trump every week for four years, featuring Alec Baldwin as the POTUS in each cold open. But more than two months into President Joe Biden’s term, the late-night comedy show never took aim at him.

Until this week.

In a weak, not-very-funny cold open, Biden (played by cast member Alex Moffat) dropped by a Passover gathering at the house of Vice President Kamala Harris (played by May Rudolph).

“​Hey did you all catch my press conference, it was so easy. A lot of critics thought I wasn’t mentally prepared enough​, but I think I, uh — ” Biden told Harris, then reached into his pocket. “Proved them all wrong,​”​ ​Biden added, reading slowly off a cheat sheet.

Photos from Thursday’s White House press conference showed Biden holding cheat sheets, including one that contained the names and photos of journalists he planned to call on.

“Oh, Kamala, not sure if you heard but I’m putting you in charge of solving little immigration problem down to Mexican border,” Biden said.

“Yes, I did hear that. Wow, thank you for the opportunity. Such a fun solvable problem,” she said. “And what are you in charge of?”

“Moi? Giving out checks! Who wants stimmies? Whoo! Make it rain. There’s a nor’easter — a stimmy nor’easter,” Biden said, referring to the latest stimulus package passed by Congress, which included $1,400 for millions of Americans.

The fake-news “Weekend Update” also hit Biden with a few shots.

“This week kinda’ felt like Biden on those stairs,” co-host Colin Jost joked while showing a photo of Biden stumbling on the stairs of Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland before a flight to Atlanta. “You thought it had to get better, but then it repeatedly got worse.”

Later, Jost applauded how well Biden did “The Worm” dance down the stairs as a video loop played, backed by hip hop music.

Co-host Michael Che also joked about Biden.

“President Biden gave his first press conference, which lasted over an hour. Wow, shout out to Fixodent.”

Che also said: “At the press conference, President Biden was asked if he plans to run for reelection in 2024, which is probably the nicest way to ask him if he plans to be alive in three years.”

Jost then joked about Biden’s cheat cheats, showing one that said simply, “You = Joe Biden.”

Unfortunately, SNL didn’t tap Dana Carvey to play Biden. Last week, the comedian and longtime SNL cast member unveiled a spot-on impersonation of the president.

“I do him at the town hall, when he’s like the gentle father to the country and he looks like the alien who came off the space ship in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’” Carvey explained to “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert.

Carvey then broke into his Biden impression.

“Folks, c’mon. Folks, let’s get real here. I’m not kidding around here. You know, we’ve got to do the thing,” Carvey said. “We did with Barack, we did the deal. And, you know, my dad, you know, lost his job in Scranton. No joke. No joke, I’m not being a wise guy here. I said, ‘Pops, why did you lose it?’ He said, ‘Joe, I did.’ My mom said, ‘That’s the cookie that crumbles. It does.’”

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