TOTO: 9 Anti-Woke Comedy Videos That Put ‘SNL’ To Shame

“SNL” and the rest of our once reliably entertaining late-night shows gave up being funny years ago when they went all in on going woke, forcing us all to look elsewhere to get that much-needed comedic hit. The good news: several independent, and more independent-thinking, comedians have stepped up to fill the void, offering comedy sketches that rival even classic late-night television. Below are some of the best.  

“Saturday Night Live” did something three years ago that had half the nation cheering (and the rest laughing between clenched teeth).

The liberal show created a fake commercial for Levi “Woke” jeans. Style-less. Gender neutral.  Gender non-conforming denim. Hilarious.

And that, more or less, has been it from “SNL” on the woke front. Late-night comedy is a similar story. Progressive comics care more about working in their latest tired President Donald Trump joke than anything else.

Enter YouTube-based comedians willing to spot a rich comic vein and exploit it. They declared war on woke, generating millions of downloads in the process.

Some of the following comedians are nationally recognized. Others are rising stars you’ll soon hear plenty about. They all understand why woke culture deserves a serious ribbing.

 “When Wokes and Racists Agree on Everything”

Canadian comic Ryan Long moved to New York City recently, but he hasn’t given up tweaking targets others refuse to even consider. Long hit viral video gold last month (1.6 million and growing in just over two weeks) with this clip, an uproarious look at what racists and Social Justice Warriors have in common. Spoiler alert: Quite a bit, actually.

The sketch, like most of Long’s work, is impeccably edited and features sharp comic performances. They could easily appear on any late-night show, and no one would blink an eye regarding their content or quality. Some may be astounded that a Kimmel or Bee attempted to take down woke culture, though.

It’s hardly Long’s only woke assault. He also whipped up “Every Silicon Valley Company Right Now,” a sketch smashing social justice groupthink, and “Woke Scold Hotline.”

Enough said on the latter.

Long keeps political labels at arm’s length, allowing him to smite the Right or Left as needed. Lately, his woke comic attacks have been unrelenting, and he’s not asking anyone for clapter. The laughs flow on their own, thank you. Watch a few of Long videos, and you get the sense he’s just warming up.

“My Three Year Old Son Is a Girl Now”

What seems like an anti-trans sketch is nothing of the sort. The bit, by the Libertarian-leaning troupe We The Internet TV, uses humor to ask an important question.

Should we really let toddlers call the shots, especially ones involving lifelong gender choices?

“Who am I to question my three-year-old child,” an extremely woke parent says in the sketch.

Another bravura clip from the group mocks personal pronouns gone awry.

We The Internet isn’t hateful or cruel, but the group delivers side-splitting videos that make you think. That’s the best kind of satirical comedy, even if a growing number of Americans would love to see such clips erased from the Web … and elsewhere.

“Out of Touch”

Kevin James’ TV and film bona fides require no explanation. Lately, he’s turning his attention to YouTube where he shares a variety of funny sketches. A recent one struck a nerve, or more like set up camp on one and planted an American flag.

More than three million views later, James joined the elite club of comics telling jokes you’re not supposed to tell. Watching it now, given the mask mania engulfing the culture, makes the clip even more subversive.

Naturally, some media outlets clutched a sizable grouping of pearls over the sketch, missing the point entirely.

James’ other clips are geared for a wider, apolitical demographic, although they all boast Hollywood-style production values. The “Out of Touch” sketch makes it clear James is willing to push humor in challenging directions.

“How to Be a Woke White Person”

Comedian J.P. Sears is a YouTube machine, generating a massive number of clips poking fun at progressive groupthink, spirituality and more. His recent “Woke White Person” sketch is typical Sears. Dry, with a considerable bite.

“As a woke white person your mission it to attack as many other white people for being racist online as you possibly can. But don’t worry. Them being a racist isn’t a prerequisite for you attacking them for being racist.”

The tone is pleasant, sweet and uplifting, which makes the satire sting.

Another video, “How to Be a Social Justice Warrior,” offers a barrage of yuks you won’t hear on “Weekend Update” or “Jimmy Kimmy Live.”

Here’s how Sears’ warrior character dishes out “justice.”

“I turn my CAPS LOCK key on once you start standing up for your own free will.”

“Brands That Need to Be Cancelled IMMEDIATELY”

Comedian John Crist offers a crush of video content on his channel, but he occasionally dings the woke mindset in his work.

The “Brands” sketch is the next logical step after the Land o Lakes mascot gets thrown into the dustbin of history.

“We got rid of Uncle Bens, but I am wildly triggered by the brands and the photos I see in this grocery store,” a frantic Crist says in the opening moments.

“Paw Patrol Mac & Cheese?” he asks, his mouth curled in disgust.

Other Crist videos include the “Millennial Institute,” where he encourages us to “adopt” a Millennial to cover their expenses (Core Power Yoga memberships, Uber treks, beard wax and more).

“SNL” and late-night TV. It’s your turn now.

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