TOTO: Pro-American Military Film ‘The Outpost’ Crushes The Competition

If you trust the corporate press you’d think Americans have all but given up on the whole patriotism thing.

Night after night we see rioters tear down statues, hear major news channels reduce the Founding Fathers to “slave owners” and watch pundits say it’s time to shake America like an Etch-A-Sketch and start anew. Mt. Rushmore? That’s the next statue to be toppled if The New York Times has any say on the matter.

The media narrative couldn’t be more obvious, but is it real?

We’re seeing three examples from the pop culture world suggesting just the opposite.

Last week the military saga “The Outpost” hit VOD services. The film, co-starring Scott Eastwood (son of Clint), scored the top slot on iTunes’ American movie list. The film also gave its company, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Inc., its largest opening day in company history.

The film also snared the top spot on FandangoNow’s movie streaming service, topping “Trolls World Tour,” “The King of Staten Island” and Jon Stewart’s “Irresistible.”

Director Rod Lurie’s fact-based film, co-starring Orlando Bloom and Caleb Landry Jones, follows a small unit of U.S. soldiers battling a massive Taliban force in a coordinated assault.

The numbers from the Battle of Kamdesh are staggering – “a 13-hour assault by nearly 400 Taliban forces on a detachment of only 50 American soldiers at Combat Outpost Keating.”

While Hollywood routinely cranks out films critical of the U.S. Military, particularly true during the Iraq War, “The Outpost” takes a different path. Like “American Sniper” before it, “The Outpost” treats soldiers with respect and honor. These aren’t oppressors or imperialists. They’re men and women fighting valiantly for their country.

The film even features three soldiers who fought in the battle in question, including Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter (played by Jones in the film).

The folks behind “The Outpost’s” press division didn’t downplay the film’s patriotic bona fides. It leaned into them.

“We are excited to release The Outpost and are very honored to bring this true story of American heroism and valor to U.S. audiences on the Fourth of July weekend,” David Fannon, president of Screen Media Ventures said in a press statement.

Hardly sounds like a must-watch movie for the Antifa crowd … or Don Lemon.

Another pro-America film is enjoying healthy returns over at Netflix.

“Patriots Day,” an underrated homage to the Americans who caught the Boston Marathon bombers, recently joined the streaming platform. It didn’t take long for it to jump to the number one title on the service.

Earlier today “Patriots Day” slumped to number five, a still-impressive showing for a four-year-old movie that hardly caused a commotion in theaters. The film’s weak box office tally – $33 million despite the combined star power of Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon and John Goodman.

And then there’s “Hamilton.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster musical made its small screen debut July 3 on Disney Plus. Any attempt to portray the Founding Fathers as heroes could draw the PC Police to the scene. Right on cue, #CancelHamilton began trending on Twitter shortly after its debut.

The film adaptation of the Tony winner still drew a crowd, above and beyond the lavish press coverage afforded the event. The platform’s app got a 74 percent download boost over the weekend.

From Friday through Sunday, the Disney Plus app was downloaded 752,451 times globally, including 458,796 times in the U.S., according to analytics firm Apptopia.

Perhaps American consumers who watched “The Outpost,” “Patriots Day” or “Hamilton” came away with a better appreciation for their homeland … at least until a news outlet tells them differently.

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