Twitter’s Dorsey Adds $750k To Eminem’s Quarter Million Donation To Help Detroit Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Rapper Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, was a guest on the latest episode of the “Young Money Radio” podcast hosted by Lil Wayne.

During the podcast, the rapper announced that he had donated $250,000 to his Marshall Mathers Foundation, an organization “dedicated to providing assistance to disadvantaged and at-risk youth primarily in Detroit, Michigan and it’s surrounding communities,” according to PRNewswire.

After speaking with Mathers about quarantine, the ESPN Michael Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance,” and music, Wayne asked the rapper about a special food donation he made to Detroit’s front-line workers in late-April.

Referencing lyrics from Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself,” the rapper partnered with Union Joints, a Detroit catering company, to provide workers with tubs of spaghetti.

“Everybody’s just trying to do their part. With the Mom’s Spaghetti thing, for the people who can’t stay at home, and they have to work and put themselves at risk for this thing,” the rapper said, “you know, just to be able to put a smile on somebody’s face and provide some food…”

Lil Wayne continued, noting that Eminem had donated a quarter of a million dollars “to the charity.”

“Appreciate that, man,” Wayne said. “I’m sure they will, too.”

Eminem replied:

Yeah man, absolutely. Yeah, I’ve got a few areas I wanna take care of here in Detroit … like I said, man, everybody just gotta keep their heads up, man. I know that this is like, we ain’t never been through no s*** like this, but it won’t be forever and we’ll get through it.

Immediately following Eminem’s segment, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called in, and announced that he would be contributing $750,000 to the charity to make it an even million between himself and Eminem.

The billionaire CEO first talked about his having “moved a billion dollars worth of my Square equity to an LLC so that I [could] immediately help COVID relief in this country and broader Africa.”

Dorsey added that the “fund actually has $1.4 billion” because it’s in equity, so the value can grow as stock rises.

“We’re focusing right now on just some of the invisible collateral damage like a rise in domestic abuse, sheltering women and their kids,” Dorsey stated. “We’re focusing on New Orleans, on Detroit. I’m from St. Louis, so those are meaningful cities to me … Navajo Nation testing capacity, and then we’re gonna hook into Africa and figure out where we can help as well. So, we’re doing everything we can just make sure that people have food, they have shelter, they have testing capacity, and we can reopen safely again and be confident.”

Later, Dorsey spoke about the donation to the Marshall Mathers Foundation:

And I heard Eminem doing $250[k], so I wanted to contribute even more [to] Detroit, so I’m gonna match him $750[k], so we’re gonna make it a cool million to his foundation so that he can help as many people as possible.

Eminem thanked Dorsey’s in a tweet.

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