WATCH: Anarchy In NYC After De Blasio Imposes First Curfew Since 1943; Mayor Responds With New Curfew

Amid escalating violence, vandalism, and looting sweeping the nation, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) declared an 11 p.m. curfew Monday for the residents of his embattled city, a city still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. The curfew was the first imposed since the race riots of 1943.

But as reports and video footage make graphically clear, the mayor’s curfew failed to stop the wave of violence and destruction. In response, de Blasio has announced a stricter curfew and vowing action against those who “destroy property and hurt others.”

Reports, photographs, and video footage continues to stream in from the frontlines of the rioting that exploded in New York City Monday night and early Tuesday morning amid the ongoing riots sparked by the tragic, police-involved death of George Floyd last week.

In a tweet featuring graphic video that appears to show a police officer being struck by a car, sending his body flying into the air, NBC New York’s Myles N. Miller reported at around 3 a.m. ET: “An NYPD sergeant investigating reports of break-ins on Walton Ave in the Bronx, was the victim of a hit-and-run around 12:45a, police said. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital and is in serious but stable condition. No arrests. Viewer sent me video of the incident[.]”

At just before 10 p.m., Miller posted footage of a large group of rioters appearing to vandalize a Microsoft store in in the city and then running away when officers pulled up in police vehicles:

At just after 11 p.m. ET, New York’s Sergeants Benevolent Association posted footage of an officer being “attacked in the Bronx.” “I guess the critics will now say he overreacted,” the SBA wrote. “NYPD Cops defend yourselves, you are alone!” the organization warned.

Shortly afterward, the SBA highlighted video posted earlier in the day by the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York of an officer appearing to be hit in the head with a brick by a rioter the night before.

On Monday, de Blasio pointed to a clipped version of video of the incident and demanded the firing of a police officer who pulled out his weapon in front of protesters and rioters. The incomplete version of the video cited by de Blasio did not show that the officer drew his firearm only after the other officer was brutally attacked.

“Now we have the full story: this police officer unholstered his weapon only after his supervisor was nearly killed with a brick,” NYC PBA wrote.

One video making the rounds appears to show looters “pulling up in nice cars and cleaning out stores in SOHO,” as New York-based NBC producer Keith Feldman put it.

More footage reportedly from NYC late Monday and early Tuesday:

In a series of social media posts Monday evening, de Blasio provided updates on the increasingly dire situation and eventually announced that he will be tightening the curfew Tuesday. Instead of 11 p.m., the curfew is set to go into effect at 8 p.m.

“These protests have power and meaning. But as the night wears on we are seeing groups use them to incite violence and destroy property. Our first priority is keeping people safe, so I’m extending the curfew to Tuesday. It will begin at 8pm,” he wrote at 10:21 p.m. (posts below).

“We support peaceful protest in this city. But right now it’s time to go home,” he pleaded in a follow-up post about an hour later. “Some people are out tonight not to protest but to destroy property and hurt others — and those people are being arrested. Their actions are unacceptable and we won’t allow them in our city.”

“Just left Barclays Center. Situation there pretty calm. Now going back to Midtown,” he wrote just before midnight. “Protesters were overwhelmingly peaceful today + cops respected their right to speak out. But some people tonight had nothing to do with the cause + stole + damaged instead. That we won’t allow.”

“Just left the Bronx. Real problems on Fordham Road, also Burnside Avenue,” he wrote just after 1 a.m. “Spoke with Councilman Fernando Cabrera about immediate steps to address the situation. Also spoke to Commissioner Shea + Chief Pichardo, who are sending additional help.”

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