WATCH: Simone Biles Goes Viral After Landing Move No Woman Has Ever Attempted

The 2021 Summer Olympics are just around the corner, and apparently Simone Biles is more than ready. 

Biles — a five-time Olympic medalist with four gold medals and a bronze — is already one of the most accomplished gymnasts in the world, but seems unsatisfied as she continues pushing the limits of the human body. 

Biles has been seen attempting a move never performed by a woman in a competition, and based on the video, she appears ready to deliver. 

You have to see this to believe it: 


Look at the height! The total lack of fear as she approaches the vault! Biles isn’t human. 

The move is called the Yurchenko double pike, which is named after former Soviet gymnast Natalie Yurchenko, though Yurchenko never was able to complete the move. 

According to TMZ, the Yurchenko double pike is when a gymnast starts with a roundoff back-handspring approach to the vault, and then completes a double-flip while maintaining a straight-legged position. 

Only five men have ever successfully completed the move, and there are those who feel Biles attempting the move in competition isn’t worth the risk. 

Kyle Shewfelt — 2004 Olympic champion — attempted the Yurchenko double pike himself, and doesn’t believe Biles should. 

“I’ve got thoughts on Simone performing Yurchenko double pike vault at the Olympics: DON’T DO IT! The margin for error is too small — one hand slip or millisecond of mistiming could be catastrophic,” Shewfelt said on Twitter. “IMO, stick the 2.5 and score a perfect 10 execution. That would be legendary!” 


Biles spoke about attempting the move with Texas Monthly in March, telling the publication that she’s been practicing. 

I feel like it might be a better bet to do it in the all-around final because you do get that one-touch warm up, rather than vault finals where you don’t. So I feel like we just have to go in and weigh the options, see what’s smart, get a feel of the vault. 

So far, we’ve been training it pretty consistently and there haven’t been too many times where I was like, “Oh, that was really scary. Maybe we shouldn’t do that.” It’s actually been like, “Wow, this is feasible, we can do this.” And that’s kind of the scary part, me testing my limits, proving myself wrong, and being like, “Dang, Simone you can do this. That’s insane.” Honestly, at this age, I feel like I would kind of start going down, but I’m still going up. 

Biles will be competing at the U.S. Classic in Indianapolis this Saturday — her first competition in 587 days.

Whether Biles decides to attempt the move or not, the entire population of the United States will be supporting her as she represents the USA in Tokyo. Let’s take one more look at the insane move from a different angle. 

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