WATCH: BLM protesters detain pregnant woman on way to hospital – Press CaliforniaWATCH: BLM protesters detain pregnant woman on way to hospital |

Staff Report San Luis Obispo, Calif. – After blocking traffic on Highway 101 in Central California, Black Lives Matters activists ignored the pleas of a motorist to take a pregnant woman in labor to a nearby hospital. The BLM group, rather than allowing the distressed family pass through the blockade, wanted instead to “have a conversion” about race issues. The following video, posted this week by Cal Coast News, shows protesters asking the occupants of the vehicle whether the woman’s water broke or not. “She is going to give birth,” another woman in the pickup truck pleads. “Get out of the road.” Protest organizer Tianna Arata, 20, offered the following assessment of the situation: “She’s ignorant,” she said, then walked away. The demonstration, composed of hundreds of social justice warriors on July 21, started in a city park, then moved north on foot to Hwy 101, where the group blocked traffic in both directions for almost an hour. During the time, they chased down, harassed and prevented drivers from exiting the highway. When demonstrators returned to town, Arata, brandishing an American flag, pursued several cars and hit one of them with a flagpole. Also during the protest, “protesters damaged the hood of a passenger vehicle and smashed the rear window where a 4 year-old child was in the back seat and had glass shattered on him,” according to the San Luis police. Officers arrested Arata later that day on numerous charges, including participation in a riot, unlawful imprisonment and resisting. She was later released on zero bail. Activists have demanded the District Attorney drop the charges. San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon joined in the protest before it erupted onto the highway. Harmon has often encouraged residents to support Black Lives Matter and Arata. For more Crazyfornia news, check out our home page, Read more at Gab Trends

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