After Reports of Kids Being MOLESTED at Texas Migrant Facility, Pelosi Says ‘WE’RE ON A GOOD PATH’ at Border

Pelosi is being honest. From the standpoint of the Party of Treason, we are on a good path at the border: migrants are streaming in, and the Democrats are counting on their voting Democratic. From the perspective of someone who loves this country, the border is a disaster. From the perspective of the annihilationists who hate America, we’re on a good path.

“After Reports of Kids Being Molested at TX Migrant Facility, Pelosi Says ‘We’re on Good Path’ at Border,” by Sophie O’Hara, Wayne Dupree, April 8, 2021:

It’s pretty apparent that the U.S. Southern Border is in it’s worse shape since the Mexican-American war.

Everyone on this planet knows it’s an absolute mess and Biden is clearly to blame for it, but Democrats are desperately cleaning up this mess, insisting that everything at the border is the best it’s ever been.

No one is trying to kick this under the rug more than Pelosi, who actually just came out and said that they’re on a “good path.”

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