Airlines BANNING BOOZE “because of Coronavirus”

Drinking is the only thing that makes flying tolerable. Full on tyranny.

Refuse to wear a face mask and these major airlines put you on NO-FLY LIST like a terrorist

These Airlines Have Stopped In-Flight Alcohol Sales Because Of Coronavirus

By: Alexandra Sternlicht, Forbes, June 17, 2020:

As airlines Delta, American, KLM, EasyJet begin to resume flights, alcoholic drinks for purchase are on pause, as airlines hope to minimize passenger bathroom trips and time spent with their face masks off, reports CNN.

The alcohol ban is part of a larger move to reduce food and drink options aboard—with numerous airlines only serving bottled water on flights—as most airlines require mask use for the full duration of flights except for when passengers eat and drink.

American Airlines, which is filling jets at 55% capacity, is halting alcohol sales on most domestic flights for economy class passengers, but will continue to serve adult beverages in first class and on lengthy international flights.

On British budget airline EasyJet, water will be the only refreshment—and that will need to be requested from the crew, who will also monitor restroom use.

Netherlands flagship airline KLM will no longer carry alcohol, but passengers can continue to ask crewmembers for more water and soft drinks.

Delta will cease to serve alcohol on domestic flights or flights to the Americas, but will serve beer, wine and hard liquor on international flights.

It is unclear whether passengers are allowed to bring their own alcohol and snacks, possibly a loophole in the plan.

U.S. Air travel looks nothing like it did in February: major American airlines announced that they would ban passengers from future flights who did not comply with mask policies.

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