Angry Residents Of Liberal Ontario Protest, Scream “F*uck Trudeau!”

Canadians are going to elect a new federal government on September 20th. The polls are much tighter than expected. In fact, many polls have Conservative Party of Canada candidate Erin O’Toole in the lead. O’Toole is a much better candidate than Andrew Scheer was in 2019. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may end up being removed from office. Maybe.

Angry residents of Liberal Ontario riding scream “F*uck Trudeau

By Elect Conservatives, August 29, 2021

Justin Trudeau received a huge wake-up call this afternoon while visiting a Liberal stronghold riding as residents screamed obscenities at him and the Liberal campaign.

While visiting Cambridge, Ontario this afternoon, a crowd of local residents surrounded a Liberal campaign event to express their frustration with the Liberal leader.

Video footage from the event demonstrates the crowd chanting “F*ck Trudeau”, as local residents filmed on their cell phones and waved flags with similar wording.

It is not yet known if Trudeau has remained on site after the hugely negative turnout, but similar protests have occurred across the country with angry residents expressing their frustration at Liberal events, especially towards the Leader’s stance on vaccine passports.

The Trudeau campaign will now be panicking at the turnout, given that the riding has been a Liberal stronghold – held by Bryan May MP – since 2015


For a turnout like this to occur in an Ontario Liberal stronghold shows that Canadians are incredibly frustrated with the Liberal Party and Trudeau.

Anger is reaching a boiling point over his stance on mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports, and it appears that Trudeau will face a difficult time in the coming weeks if Liberal stronghold ridings like this are turning against him.

Providing all protests against the Trudeau Liberals remain peaceful, we look forward to seeing more of these and Canadians standing up for their rights.


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