Army Commander: “An Afghan Evacuee Who Already Installed A BOMB ON THE PLANE”

The Hungarian Defense Forces’ Top General said in an interview that during and on one of the NATO evacuation flights an afghan evacue was caught assembling an explosive device.

Why are we bringing these genocidal savages here and leaving our people behind? We are under siege by the Democrat criminal party. We must rise up and take back our country.

Army Commander: “There was an evacuee who had already installed a bomb on the plane”

Telex Domestic Thursday, August 26, 2021 (hat tip Armaros)

Hungarian soldiers have been serving in Afghanistan for 18 years since 2003, and NATO’s motto “we go in together, we go out together” was fulfilled until US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops beginning in May, said Tibor Benkő, Secretary of Defense on Thursday. Writes Telex.

The Hungarian evacuation operation, named Shaman, began and ended on 19 August. A total of 540 people, Hungarian, American, Austrian and Afghan, were evacuated from Afghanistan. The Secretary of Defense did not have the authority to detail the total number of citizens of which nation. All Hungarians of which the ministry was aware were brought home, and 57 Afghan families, including 180 children, were evacuated by Hungarian soldiers. According to Benkő, a total of 87 percent of the Afghans who helped the work of the Hungarian army in recent years were successfully brought.

“There was a non-Hungarian evacuation plane where one of the evacuees had already installed a bomb on the plane”

– said dr. Lt. Gen. Romulus of Ruthenian-Sendi.

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