Biden-Supported Iranian Ayatollah: ‘Jews Are The Greatest Problem of Islam and Humanity’

The Democrat party — the 21st century standard for Jew hatred and jihad.

Islamic Jew-hatred in the Quran.

Iranian ayatollah: ‘Jews are the greatest problem of Islam and humanity’
The Jews “are more evil than Satan,” control the United States and France and aim to “pillage the world,” says Ayatollah Alireza Ebadi.

A public address by Iranian Ayatollah Alireza Ebadi that aired on Iranian T.V. on May 7, 2021. (MEMRI)

(August 23, 2021 / MEMRI) According to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in Iran’s Southern Khorasan Province, the Jews are humanity’s greatest problem.

“Consider the most difficult problem for Islam and humanity as a whole. This is corroborated by documents. The most difficult problem has been the Jews. … They are more evil than Satan,” said Ayatollah Alireza Ebadi.

In a public address aired on Iran’s Khorasan Jonoobi TV on May 7, Ebadi said that the Jews’ ultimate goal was to pillage the entire world.

“They [Jews] have taken control of the world in a technical way. They give particular attention to military warfare, propaganda warfare and psychological warfare. They spread doubt and [wage] cultural warfare. This is how they can achieve their main goal of pillaging the world,” he said.
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Ebadi went on to state that “the Zionists” controlled France and appointed the U.S. president.

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