Biden’s “Peace Partners” Taliban Beat, Mutilated and Slaughtered Pregnant Police Officer In Front of Own Family

This is what Biden called his “extraordinary success.” The thousands of Americans and their allies stranded in Afghanistan could not be reached for comment.

Bloody Biden: Afghanistan Was An “Extraordinary Success”

Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Experts

Taliban Allegedly Beat, Mutilated and Slaughtered Pregnant Police Officer In Front of Own Family

By: Mike Landry, The Western Journal, September 7, 2021:

If anyone wonders why Afghans, Americans and others were desperate to get out of Afghanistan after President Joe Biden pulled the plug last week, they only have to look at what is now going on in the troubled country.

Taliban militants allegedly beat and shot police officer Banu Negar dead in front of her family, according to BBC News. Family members said she was eight months pregnant.

Relatives of Negar said the attack by three gunmen occurred Saturday in front of her husband and children in Afghanistan’s central province. The relatives provided BBC News with graphic photos showing blood on the walls of a room and a body with a mutilated face.

The outlet reported there aren’t many available details about Negar’s death because fear of reprisal kept those knowledgeable of the incident silent.

The Taliban denied connection with the murder, claiming they are investigating and it may have been the result of someone with a personal grudge.

The Taliban have also attempted to portray themselves as nice guys not connected to their previous image and have claimed they are not seeking retaliation against those who worked for the previous government. But in the wake of this New and Improved Taliban are documentations by human rights groups of revenge killings, religious persecutions and detentions.

The status of women in the country is also rapidly changing. The position of Taliban 2.0 is that “women and girls will have all their rights within Islam,” according to BBC News. That, of course, means there is growing segregation of the sexes and strict rules being enforced regarding women’s wearing of the hijab.

On Saturday, some women demonstrated in Kabul against the restrictions. Special forces attacked them with pepper spray and tear gas and fired into the air to break up the demonstrations.

The specter of renewed oppression of women in Afghanistan presents a somewhat resigned message from American feminists, who currently seem more focused on opposing efforts in Texas to slow down abortion mills.

In an Aug. 27 column, Heather Barr, associate director of the Women’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, said the international community should do something to preserve the rights of Afghan women.

However, Barr said the U.S. and its allies never cared much about such rights to begin with, and given their recent political setbacks, “They most likely wish they had never seen Afghanistan.”

Shreya Chattopadhyay’s Aug. 9 column in The Nation retained an opposition to U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, adding that “for the American state, the war was never about women.”

Yet, Ms. Magazine on Aug. 18 came out strong for the fate of Afghan women. The magazine portrayed itself as a hawkish supporter of the 20-year U.S. efforts in Afghanistan as it published a letter to the Biden administration pleading for protection for Afghan women and girls.

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