Breaking news: French athletes were contaminated by the CCP virus in Wuhan in October

During a March 25 interview on the French local TV channel Loire 7, about the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Elodie Clouvel, the Pentathlon world champion, gave a invaluable information about when the Chinese coronavirus really started, and for how long the Communists really hid it to the rest of the world.

Her testimony is as disturbing as it sounds. The retroactive analysis of tests kept at the Bondy hospital, allowed so far the identification of a carrier of the coronavirus as early as December 27th in France. The first case started almost certainly much earlier.

Elodie Clouvel

Elodie Clouvel had just been questioned about her possible anxiety to envisage a summer in Japan, “on a continent where the disease has broken out”. “No, because I think that with Valentin (Editor’s note: Belaud, her companion, also a pentathlete) we have already had the coronavirus, finally Covid-19,” she said.

And the 31-year-old explained:

“We were in Wuhan for the World Military Games at the end of October. And, in fact, it turns out that afterwards we all got sick. Valentin missed three days of training. I was sick too. …I got stuff I didn’t get before. We didn’t worry any more than that because we didn’t talk about it yet. »

Her conclusion is also unequivocal:

“There are many athletes from the Military World Games who have been very ill. We had contact with the military doctor recently who told us: ‘I think you got it [the Chinese coronavirus] because there were a lot of people in this delegation who were sick. »

Until today, the first recognized case of Covid-19 in China dates back to November 17.

But the Military World Games – nearly 10,000 athletes representing 100 nations – took place from October 18 to October 27.

On Tuesday, French News cable channel BFMTV also reported, on condition of anonymity, the testimony of one of the 281 French athletes who were present in Wuhan and “fell ill just like several members of the French delegation” when he came back from China.

French athletes were ordered not to talk to journalists

Elodie Clouvel refuses to talk about the pandemic anymore. The interview she gave on 25 March did did not have the liking of the military hierarchy.

Most French athletes have been asked not to respond to journalists on the subject. As several of them told the French daily Le Parisien, they were instructed to refer questions to the army communications service.

Several French athletes who were in Wuhan in October received a call from the army a few weeks ago to reassure them. “We were told: there is no risk, you left on October 28, and the virus arrived on November 1st,” said one of them.

Other athletes must have been contaminated too

In such a context, the French cannot be the only potentially infected athletes.

  • Many sick people have been identified within the 100 athletes from the Swedish delegation, some of whom were suffering from high fevers on their return. “But none of the people tested tested positive,” the Swedish Armed Forces’ communication service NSD said in mid-April at the NSD site.
  • The L’essentiel website mentions the testimonies of Luxembourg sportsmen.Swimmer Julien Henx remembers an infrared body temperature check when he disembarked from the plane that took him back from China.Shot putter Bob Bertemes remembers that “in the village they cleaned everything twice a day and at midnight they would go to the street cleaning”. Before adding, about swimmer Raphaël Stacchiotti: “He was sick there. From then on, they put him in his room and told him that he was the first coronavirus case.

On Wednesday evening, the French ministry published a press release saying there had not been “any cases declared to the Army Health Service (SSA) of influenza or hospitalization within the French delegation of the WMBD, during and after the Games, which could be similar to cases of Covid-19. »

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, suggested on Twitter on March 12 that the coronavirus may have been introduced by the U.S. delegation that participated in the games. He then retracted this Communist propaganda.

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