Democrats, Leftists Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Death with heinous death tweets

Totally disgusting, but entirely predictable.

‘I’m Glad Rush Limbaugh Lived Long Enough To Get Cancer And Die.’ Blue-Check Leftists Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Death

By Daily Wire, February 17, 2021

Following an unfortunately familiar pattern in the aftermath of the death of a conservative figure, Leftists rushed to mock Rush Limbaugh and celebrate news of his death after a year-long battle with lung cancer.

Among those cheering Limbaugh’s death were a host of blue checkmarks on Twitter, including celebrities, political commentators, and journalists. Here are just a few examples.

Rush Limbaugh was a coward and white supremacist

Charlotte Clymer, whose Twitter bio states that she works for the pro-abortion Catholics for Choice, took to the social media platform and described Limbaugh as a “coward and white supremacist.”

“He aggressively and cynically exploited divisions in our country by weaponizing hatred and bigotry for his own personal gain. He was in service to his own greed, prejudice, and hypocrisy, and that is how history will remember him,” she wrote.

“If Rush Limbaugh deserves credit for anything, it his pioneering work in spreading disinformation and directly enabling our nation’s current state of vast distrust of experts and spurning of good faith in the public discourse. He will not be missed by rational adults.”

Limbaugh died 69 years later than he should

Rick & Morty writer, Siobhan Thompson, tweeted “RIP Rush Limbaugh died 69 years later than he shoulda.”

Rush Limbaugh was a terrible person while he was alive

Host of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, stated that “The idea that you say artifically nice things about people after they die is weird,” and that he “never understood the logic of it.”

“Rush Limbaugh was a terrible person while he was alive. He made a living by attacking the powerless. His death does not in anyway change or redeem that,” Uygur added.

His memory lives on through bigots everywhere

Cameron Kasky, one of the founders of the March for Our Lives movement and outspoken gun control advocate, said that Limbaugh’s “memory lives on through bigots everywhere.”

My sincerest condolences go out to Hell’s other residents

Parker Malloy, an editor at large for Media Matters, wrote “I was 4 days into a weeklong break from Twitter, but Limbaugh dying felt like a necessary moment to reemerge.”

“My sincerest condolences go out to hell’s other residents who now have to deal with being associated with him,” she continued.

He did as much to polarize our politics as anyone

Senior Political Commentator for CNN, David Axelrod, described Limbaugh as a “force of historic proportions,” but then proceeded to say that he “did as much to polarize our politics as anyone and laid the groundwork for Trump and Trumpism.”

It’s more like euphoria

Scott Shapiro, a Yale Law School professor, wrote “I wouldn’t say I was happy that Rush Limbaugh died. It’s more like euphoria,” later setting his Twitter account to private “following backlash that he received online.”

Special kind of monster

The Young Turks alum Emma Vigeland wrote, “Mentioning Howard Stern in the same breath as Rush Limbaugh gratuitously downplays the special kind of monster Rush was. Dumb.”

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