Epstein Docs:FBI HAD EVIDENCE, Robert Mueller and James Comey Protected Pedo Epstein, Refused To Take Action

The FBI’s refused to pursue charges against pedophile sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Essentially Mueller protected him while fabricating a false case about Russian collusion in order to unseat the President. Speaking of Trump, “The FBI attempted over and over to tie the famous New York developer to misconduct, but to no avail.”

Who else were they protecting? Bill and Hillary Clinton? US Democrat Senator George Mitchell, major Democrat donor billionaire Glenn Dubin, Democrat Gov. Bill Richardson, OJ attorney Allen Dershowitz?

In 2005, Jeffrey Epstein was under an 11-month FBI investigation

40 underage girls alleged Epstein assaulted them

After Epstein gave information to the FBI, federal charges were dropped

Who was head of the FBI then?

Robert Mueller

The Gateway Pundit:

The Jeffrey Epstein case is full of bad characters and criminal actions, but perhaps no actions were more abhorrent than those made by Robert Mueller’s FBI.

Last night court documents related to the Epstein case from 2008 were released to the public These documents show criminal actions by the rich and famous in abusing underage girls provided to them by Epstein. Epstein was eventually slapped on the wrist with a sentence that many claim was totally inadequate.

Techno Fog on Twitter was one of the first to review the released documents last night. His first tweets noted that the documents show that the child trafficking scheme was international. Individuals like a French hotel magnate, Ghislaine Maxwell – Epstein’s accomplice, attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew from the UK, are all named:

The FBI was in contact with at least one of the young girls who was abused in 2014 but did nothing. Sadly, the minor victim was asking the FBI for the evidence they seized from Epstein (not currently known whether it was ever supplied):

The FBI had the infamous photo with Prince Andrew and the minor victim for years, even before the victim’s 2011 interview. Then the DOJ let Epstein’s co-conspirator’s off free:

In 2008 the main justice in DC worked out the plea deal with Epstein knowing it had not interviewed all the victims in the case:

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