ESCAPE FROM NY: Bronx NYPD Boss Quits, Says ‘No Guidance’ from Mayor’s Office as Murders Spike

DEADLY De Blasio CUTS NYPD: Multiple Weekend Shootings, NY Murders Skyrocket at Democrats Demonize Police, WATCH VIDEO

De Blasio announces proposal to cut NYPD budget by $1B
112 people were killed in just over a week (ABC NY). From Senator Tim Scott: “The question is, what is the consequence of trying to demonize and stereotype all law enforcement? Well, New York City is starting to give us the answer” (Washington Times).   From Kevin McCullough: In New York, 18 victims were shot in only nine hours early this past Saturday, compared to only 14 being shot for the entire calendar week in 2019. In New York, the buffoonish mayor eliminated the anti-crime unit (largely credited with eliminating much of the gun violence) as well as a large percentage of plainclothes cops that work neighborhoods in problem areas. No problem though. The mayor is also seeing a 49 percent increase in uniformed officers now opting for retirement (Townhall).

Michael Goodwin writes: “De Blasio’s performance grows worse by the day, making NYC unlivable”:

The New York that survived 9/11 and bounced back stronger than ever is now being brought to its knees. The coronavirus, the economic shutdowns and the frequent street protests, mixed with pillaging and vandalism, are no ordinary hurdles, but they are surmountable — with courageous leadership.

Tragically, that’s exactly what New York doesn’t have. The crises pile up like dead leaves, but leadership is nowhere to be found.

Without it, the city is fast becoming unlivable. The slow exodus of recent years has quickened in recent months, with natives, long-timers and recent arrivals clogging the exits. They’re going to the suburbs, to Florida — anywhere but here.[…]

Crime is soaring — murder is up 25 percent — and de Blasio responds by vowing to cut the police budget.

The aim is not to do more with less. It is to get the cops to do less. This is a death wish.

For weeks, illegal fireworks have exploded through the night, and a 3-year-old Bronx boy is among the injured innocents. Thousands of complaints pour in, to which the mayor shrugs and says cops and firefighters “have many other things” to do.

Police are quitting in droves, and nobody should blame them. Would you risk your life to enforce the law under this mayor?

Friday produced a perfect contrast between what New York needs and what de Blasio does. The Post reported that a homeless man who calls himself Jesus turned the dry fountain at Washington Square Park into his crash pad, complete with six chairs, a box of clothes and a beach umbrella. He’s been there a week, and the city, having failed to coax him out, refuses to force him out.

Instead, the mayor went to Brooklyn for a photo op as he grabbed a brush to help paint “Black Lives Matter” on the street. He has promised to paint the same words on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower to antagonize the president from whom he seeks a bailout.

In ordinary times, such vacuousness would be infuriating. But these are extraordinary times and there is a real risk de Blasio is digging the city’s grave.

De Blasio, though he had no love for the police, knew that crime could sink his career. So while he decriminalized quality-of-life offenses, he let the NYPD keep the pressure on violent criminals.

ESCAPE FROM NY: Bronx NYPD Boss Quits, Says ‘No Guidance’ from Mayor’s Office as Murders Spike

By: Hannity Staff, June 26, 2020:

A prominent police commander in the Bronx resigned his position this week; blaming New York City leaders for a total lack of “guidance” as crime spikes across all five boroughs.

“A Bronx NYPD precinct commander is quitting to protest the department’s handling of police reform and anti-brutality protests,” reports the New York Post.

“Deputy Inspector Richard Brea is hanging it up after nearly three decades, Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa told The Post on Thursday following a phone conversation with Brea, who led the Bronx’s 46th Precinct,” adds the Post. “Brea put in his papers because his bosses are not giving him enough guidance on how to get guns and drugs off the street now that the department has disbanded and reassigned its anti-crime unit, Sliwa said.”

“He was indicating the problems after looting — like not seeing them coming,” Sliwa said.

“How am I supposed to lead?” Brea said, according to Sliwa.

Read the full report at the New York Post.

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