Fake News CNN Uses Coronavirus Double Standard To Slam Florida’s Rep. Governor DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is perhaps America’s best governor. Floridians should thank their lucky stars that it is Ron DeSantis who is in charge of Florida, and not that corrupt sleaze Andrew Gillum.

Despite DeSantis’ superb handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, CNN is attacking him viciously and relentlessly. They are trying to drive his approval ratings down. That is because CNN knows that it will be much harder for President Trump to win Florida, if DeSantis’ approval ratings are underwater.

CNN would also like to destroy any chance of DeSantis even considering a run for POTUS in 2024. Totally despicable, but that’s CNN. The people of Florida must get behind Ron DeSantis whole heatedly. We need a popular Governor Ron DeSantis campaigning for President Trump all over Florida this fall.

CNN Uses Coronavirus Double Standard To Slam Republican Governor

CNN is playing the long game, trying to hurt a successful Republican’s future. To CNN, this isn’t about COVID-19, it is about November 2020 and 2024.

By The Federalist, May 05, 2020

Our health and economy are not the only things suffering under coronavirus. Media and political hypocrisy and partisan double standards are at crisis levels.

The important role of a free press is being jettisoned to achieve leftist political outcomes. When a free press debases itself in this way, the public loses confidence in the press and devolves to cynicism. This is hurting health policy and the body politic.

Expecting every politician to have gotten everything right from day one would be patently unfair. They’re operating with limited information and looked at predictions we now know are demonstrably wrong.

The news problem has been applying different standards and coming to different political conclusions when looking at the same data. Our national crisis is not the time for petty partisanship, especially from our press.

A Tale of Two States—and One ‘News’ Service

Compare CNN’s COVID-19 coverage in California to Florida and you’ll see the problem. Here, on April 10, is Editor-at-Large and political reporter Chris Cillizza on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: “Unfortunately for Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the fight against coronavirus has exposed the fact that he may simply not be up to this moment in history.”

The basis for “the fact” the governor is not up to his job? DeSantis’s statement, “I don’t think nationwide there’s been a single fatality under 25. For whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to threaten, you know, kids.”

Cillizza pounced. He cited the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) showing five people younger than 25 years old have died from COVID-19. Three were under 15. With 330,000,000 people in the United States, that means a full 0.000002 percent of the country had died of COVID-19 while under 25.

Cillizza neglects the larger point, which DeSantis correctly made: the virus has a much greater effect on older people. The CDC’s Provisional Death Count  on April 23 showed 23,358 had died, and only three younger than 15: 99.99 percent were not the kids DeSantis spoke of.

Despite DeSantis prefacing his statement with “I think,” 99.99 percent wasn’t good enough for CNN. DeSantis was off by 0.01 percent, consistent with CDC findings, and understood by 99.99 percent of his audience—just not by CNN’s editor-at-large: “The governor of ANY state” Cillizza wrote, “shouldn’t be making statements like ‘the data has been 100% consistent’ if he, uh, doesn’t know that with 100% accuracy.

Cillizza concludes his “news” story: “Moments like this one are clarifying. When a fearful and anxious public turns to its government for guidance and leadership, there’s nowhere for people like the governor of a state to hide from the massive responsibility.”

That’s true. This moment clarifies not just how politicians are doing, and where their biases are, but also of those covering them. CNN is OK publishing an obvious hit piece in a time of national crisis. Their editor wants “a fearful and anxious public” to turn to its government for guidance. Where, if not Florida, should they turn for bold leadership and accurate foresight on this crisis?

CNN on California

Consider this praise article a day earlier, lauding California and its governor, Gavin Newsom. Newsom was first to order statewide restrictions; he ordered millions of masks; he over-acquired ventilators; California leaders took it seriously and tens of thousands of lives were saved.

The article does not explore why, just a few days before the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s projected “peak resource” day, Newsom would send ventilators out of the state. It doesn’t remind us that, on March 18, the governor wrote President Trump that 25.5 million Californians could be infected, with some 5 million being hospitalized.

The governor was trying to increase California’s 20,000-plus hospital beds to 100,000 beds. But by March 20, the governor’s head of Health and Human Services confirmed the governor’s numbers were off, based on bad modeling. On April 23, the IHME predicted a total need of only 2,503 beds, with only 33,261 cases statewide.

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