France: Muslim Migrant drags policeman to escape from traffic stop

A Chechen migrant dragged a police officer 70 feet down the road as he was trying to escape a traffic stop in the Montereau-Fault-Yonne commune of Paris suburb.

The Chechen, who is nearly 30 years old, was pulled over by two police officers for a routine traffic stop at around noon last Sunday. Such traffic stops are mandated by the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus lockdown measures.

Since he had no driver’s licence, ni ID or car insurance, one of the officers leaned through his window to inform him that he would have to come with them to the local police station. He then started his car and dragged the police officer who was leaning through his window for about 70 feet to escape the checkpoint and barely missing the other officer. He finally stopped when his car struck a dirt pile, after which he fled on foot, jumped over a fence, and hid in a nearby abandoned warehouse, according to a report by Le Parisien.

The officers called for backup, and more than fifteen officers were dispatched to the scene from three police stations. After they set up a perimeter around the warehouse, the migrant was spotted on its roof, and he was arrested by the same officer he had dragged. The officer was given a three-day leave of absence due to his injuries.

The Chechen claimed that he is not from the region and had been on his way to visit family. He is being charged with assaulting police officers and driving without a license, among other charges, which matter very little since most of the French judges belongs to the communist union Syndicat de la magistrature, whose ideology is that they must protect the minority and let the innocent people pay the price.

This is how the court discovered that a warrant was already out for the migrant’s arrest for an earlier crime for which he received an eight months’ prison sentence, and that prior to that, he had been sentenced to two years in prison. None of the sentences being executed. He is being held in custody until his trial for his latest offense, which is scheduled for January 2021, and he will be freed. Again.

Twenty years ago, when I lived in France, I personally witnessed two young muslim dragging a woman for half a mile behind their motorcycle. It was in the uptown 16th district of Paris, and I was stuck in my car in the heavy trafic, and I couldn’t do anything.

The woman had her hand stuck to the handful of her bag that they probably wanted to steal from her, and the other side of the bag was clinging to a metal part of the motorcycle. It was a horrible scene that I still see before my eyes, the poor woman dragged on the paved road between the cars, fortunately stopped by traffic.

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