Hawaii Republican Party: The Case To Oust Biden

Here’s why the Hawaii Republican party wants Biden removed.


“HONOLULU, Hawaii – Seven months into his presidency Joe Biden has cast chaos over the world” with reckless abandon.

“The oil and gas shortage, surging inflation, gross over-spending, rise in unemployment, stampede”
at the border and uneducated comments about the COVID vaccine all appear small amid the mayhem and peri l in Afghanistan.

“More than I0-thousand American civilians are now trapped under Taliban control, thousands” more Afghans are in hiding – women and interpreters along with their families under threat of instant execution if seen in publ ic. Lives have already been lost.

“The progress and sacrifice of 20-years in Afghanistan may be lost, relations wi th allied nations” are compromised and we face the future consequences of America’s weakened position i n the world.

“As the Taliban rose and raged, amid the panic of fleeing and evacuations, President Biden remained on””vacation, emerging from solitude only to broadcast prepared remarks i n defense of his actions – then retreating without taking a single question.”

“In the days since he has been arrogant and defensive, sitting only for select pre-recorded interviews, with”
“only portions being released to the public. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Biden seemed utterly indifferent to the suffering, saying “”chaos was inevitable”” and, “”Look, it was a simple choice… I do not regret my decision.”””
We will be derelict in our duty and loyalty to our country if we do nothing and allow this Admin istration to continue forward unchallenged.

The Republican Party of Hawai’i supports Senator Lindsey Graham and others who are calling for President Joe Biden to resign or face invocation of the 251h amendment and impeachment.

“We stand with our Members of the U.S.Armed Services – you are our heroes and your service,”

“in Afghanistan and throughout the world, will always be valued.”

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