Hunter Biden Subpoenaed Over Burisma, $400K in Burisma Payments, Two Dozen Other Entities As Part Of Four Investigations

All for the segregationist ‘big guy’ why the corrupt Democrat-media-cabal made sure the American people were kept in the dark before the heisted election.

Hunter Biden raked in $6M in 9 months from Communist Chinese dealings – not including the 2.8 carat-diamond he got as a ‘gift’

Hunter Biden failed to disclose $400K in Burisma payments

Biden Is Poised To Hand Republicans An Incredible Tool To Investigate The Hunter Corruption Scandal

Joe Biden Deflects Questions From The Press, Stays Silent On Criminal Investigation Of Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden failed to disclose $400,000 in payments he received from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma on his tax returns according to yet more revelations contained on his Delaware laptop, according to NBC News.

The subpoena also covers Hunter’s Chinese business dealings and other financial transactions. AP also notes that Hunter fell under investigation in 2018 – knowledge which somehow didn’t leak from the DOJ until after the 2020 election. During the election, of course, Hunter was completely off limits – with a virtual press blackout on the subject, and President Trump receiving a sharp rebuke from debate moderator Chris Wallace for bringing it up.

The probe was launched in 2018, the year before his father announced his candidacy for president. At one point in the investigation, federal prosecutors were also examining potential money laundering offenses, two people familiar with the matter told the AP.

Hunter Biden said he only learned of the investigation on Tuesday.

The younger Biden joined the board of Burisma in 2014, around the time his father, then vice president, was helping conduct the Obama administration’s foreign policy with Ukraine. President Donald Trump and his allies have long argued, without evidence, that Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine influenced the Obama administration’s policies toward the Eastern European nation. –Associated Press

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that there are currently four investigations into Hunter.

We’re sure Kamala Harris is genuinely concerned over the outcome of this investigation and hopes it doesn’t result in Joe Biden’s unceremonious exit from the teleprompter scene.

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