IDF Jets Bomb Hamas targets in Gaza After Border Police Attacked, Seriously Injured

Under the Trump Administration, Hamas was relatively quite. That is because they knew that the Trump Administration would not limit Israel when responding to Hamas terror attacks. Sadly, those days are gone. Now that the far-Left Biden Administration is in charge of America, Hamas will continue to provoke Israel into a military confrontation. They do this knowing full well that the Biden Administration will not allow Israel to respond to Hamas in a meaningful and prolonged way. Like the Obama Administration, the policies of the Biden Administration are setting the Middle East ablaze.

IDF Jets Bomb in Gaza after Border Police Seriously Injured

By Israel Today, August 22, 2021

Israeli Airforce Jets attacked a weapons depot and manufacturing center belonging to the Hamas terror group after 21-year-old Israeli Border Police Staff Sergeant Barel Hadaria Shmueli was seriously injured in crossfire from the Gaza Strip, the army reported.

As of this morning, the staff sergeant was still in intensive care battling the life-threatening injury. In response to the soldier’s shooting, Israeli “fighter jets have struck four weapons storage and manufacturing sites belonging to Hamas,” the IDF said.

Late on Saturday, hostilities erupted on the border as hundreds of Palestinians gathered near the security fence and tried to climb over while others threw explosive devices at Israeli soldiers, the IDF reported.

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