International Union Of Muslims Scholars: The Taliban Are Paragons Of Steadfast Jihad

In their own words …….. the ‘scholars’.

But when we highlight it or repeat it, we are racist (Islam is not a race) “islamophobes”.

Bottom line, Trump vanquished these devout savages. Biden’s resurrection of jihad has unleashed the dogs of war.

Member Of Qatar-Supported International Union Of Muslims Scholars: The Taliban Are Paragons Of Steadfast Jihad; We Do Not Fear Them But Fear For Them


Dr. Attia ‘Adlan (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from ‘Adlan’s article.

“The current situation of the [Islamic] nation is puzzling! Is [this nation] so steeped in sorrow that it is incapable of feeling joy? Or has it fallen [so often] into the traps on the path of death that it has begun looking around [in fear] even when treading on safe and level ground, because ‘once bitten, twice shy,’ as they say[?] Although I find it puzzling, I understand this anomalous situation and treat is as a short and passing illness. But what troubles and disgusts me is the concern expressed in public by ‘Muslim intellectuals’… who apparently fear that [all] the achievements of human civilization [will be lost] because of these course desert people [the Taliban], who have overthrown the ‘civilization of Kabul,’ and whose ‘extremism’ now threatens women’s freedom and the rules of the democratic game.

“They say [the Taliban and the U.S.] made a deal. So what? Where is the shame in that?!… [Perhaps] such deals will enable us, if not to [actually] rule Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Tunisia, then at least to release the detainees and abductees, rescue those who have been sentenced to death and return the preachers to their mosques and the exiles to their countries. The world of politics is a big bazar where wild beasts and hyenas struggle [for survival], all based on deals and on intersecting interests, and in which [transactions] are made in interests rather than cash. The Treaty of Hudaybiyya, for example, was a deal which the Prophet’s companions regarded as a humiliating compromise – until the extent of the achievements [it afforded] became apparent, [achievements] that had been concealed under a thin outer layer of flaws and concessions, which was all that could be seen at the time.

“I do not fear the Taliban. On the contrary, I fear for them. I am not concerned about [the fate of] Afghanistan under the Taliban or about the future or reputation of Islamic action. First, because the [Taliban] are admirable people, all of them graduates of Deobandi shari’a schools,  known for their independence, ingenious teaching methods, sound education and rightly-guided curricula. Second, because they are Maturidi Hanafis who do not deviate from the tradition and do not commit sins… and who, thanks to their steadfastness and jihad, have become a byword for their power, impact, persistence, patience and honesty, for their organizational awareness and military maturity, and for their outstanding ability to maneuver and manage their struggle. The third reason is that, when they rose [to power after the American] withdrawal, they did what was expected of them and extended their hand in forgiveness, avoided taking revenge [on their rivals] and spread genuine security and calm in the land.”

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