Islamo-leftists: “Talibans are our brothers”

The Canadian Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Maryam Monsef, spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, August 25, about the crisis in Afghanistan. She is a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. In reference to the Taliban, she used the words “our brothers”, an embarrassment for the government.

Meanwhile, Sandrine Rousseau, The Green party candidate for the 2022 French presidential election said about the hundred or so Talibans who blended in with the refugees to get into Europe, that perhaps there are Afghan terrorists, but it is not for sure:

If there are potentially terrorist Afghans, it is better to have them in France to monitor them”.

  • Whereas Le Monde, the French counterpart to the New York Times, explained on August 25, that “The fact of having been a member of the Taliban does not necessarily constitute a threat for France: the Taliban do not have a vocation for jihad”

  • And on Radio Tele Luxemburg, Geopolitical expert Oliver Roy argues that the Taliban are not jihadists, and are even “competitors” of ISIS in the region.

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