“KNOWN TO THE FBI”: Texas Jihadi Who SHOT DEAD Random Female, Opened FIRE On Police, “Foreign Terrorist Org”

Biden has unleashed the dogs of war.

Imran Ali Rasheed was deemed “not a threat.” By what measure? Using what political, religious, or ‘extreme’ ideology? A religion of peace?

In case you don’t recognize the city this took place, it’s Garland, Texas where Muslim terrorists opened fire on a free speech event I held in that city.

Texas: Muslim Terrorist Shoots Female Driver To Death, Then Opens Fire On Police Station, “Inspired By a Foreign Terrorist Organization”

Police say Imran Ali Rasheed, 32, killed his Lyft driver Sunday in Garland. He then stole her car and drove to the Plano Police Department and engaged in a shootout with officers. He later died from his injuries.y

The Rasheed family’s attorney said Tuesday they are heartbroken by the death of Lyft driver Isabella Lewis and were shocked by what unfolded Sunday. They said they had no prior knowledge of what he wound up doing.

The attorney said they were aware of a previous FBI investigation in 2010 and confirmed Rasheed spoke with the FBI on at least one occasion.

The FBI says its three-year investigation was closed after agents determined he did not pose a threat at the time. It’s unclear what prompted that investigation.

Authorities say Rasheed and Lewis did not know each other. Lewis was the Lyft driver who picked Rasheed up at or near his home Sunday. The car later pulled over on Forest Gate Drive in Garland, where police say Rasheed shot and killed Lewis and stole her car.

Investigators are waiting on cell phone data and information from Lyft for more clues.

Police say Rasheed then drove the stolen car to the Plano Police Department, where he shot at a civilian employee and a visitor inside the lobby before two officers nearby returned fire.

Police say they contacted the FBI after finding a note from Rasheed possibly linking his actions to a terrorist group.

The Plano Police Department lobby where the officer-involved shooting happened remains closed Tuesday, but is expected to re-open Wednesday.

A GoFundMe for Lewis’ funeral services surpassed its goal of $5,000 in less than a day……

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