MORE LIES: The Defund The Police White House And Democrats Are Now Saying GOP Wants to Defund Police

By G-d, the democrats despise the American people and clearly thinks we are morons.

White House Tries Peddling Story that GOP Wants to Defund Police

For the past week, Democrats have struggled with the reality that their “defund the police” mantra is killing them in the polls.  The latest effort: pretend that was the Republicans (RedState). Senator Tim Scott called it “the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all year long, and we’ve heard some very ridiculous things from the Democrats (Fox News). From Rich Lowry: There’s brazen and desperate, then there’s Jen Psaki saying Republicans voted to defund the police (Twitter). From Julio Rosas: Right, it was the GOP Minneapolis city council who said they wanted to abolish their police department, it was the GOP New York City council who took away $1 billion from their police, and it was the GOP Portland city council who cut $15 million. Oh wait, those were Dems (Twitter). From Matt Whitlock: …on the very day the children of the Biden White House decide to all try and pretend “actually Republicans defunded the police,” Democrats in California actually vote to defund more police. If you’re going to gaslight don’t let it blow up in your face (Twitter).

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