New Pro-Trump Ad Revisits Decade-Old Biden Scandal

Joe Biden is a liar and a fool. Always has been. Even before the dementia kicked in.

EXCLUSIVE: New Pro-Trump Ad Revisits Decade-Old Biden Scandal

By Daily Wire, May 7, 2020

A new advertisement from a Trump-aligned political action committee (PAC) is hitting presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on a decades-old scandal.

The advertisement, produced by Restoration PAC, was obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller, and will debut on Fox News Friday morning. The 60 second TV spot will hit Biden for exaggerating his resume during his first presidential campaign in 1988.

“Joe Biden has never been President for some very good reasons,” the advertisement states. “One of them is still breathtaking, years later.”

The video then shows Biden bragging about having three college degrees, and having finished at the top of his class in law school, neither of which turned out to be true. The advertisement plays old news clips detailing the unraveling of Biden’s claims. (

“Newsweek says Biden actually went to school on a half scholarship, ended up near the bottom of his class, and won only one degree not three,” legendary ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson sad in the advertisement.


Biden was forced to end his 1988 presidential campaign in the fall of 1987 following allegations of plagiarism, as well as allegations that he embellished his resume. Biden ran again for president in 2008, but failed to win a single state. The third time appears to be the charm for the former vice president, who is expected to accept his party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention in August.


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