Police video refutes claims of Terror-Tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

A video released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation gives background on the officer-involved shooting of Yassin Mohamed.

A police officer shot and killed Yassin Mohamed after he repeatedly assaulted ambulance crews, and police officers last Saturday.

Before the release of this video, the Council on American-Islamic Relations compared this case to the Ahmaud Arbery story. CAIR claimed the shooting of Yassin Mohamed was identical to the Arbery case. In fact, CAIR said it was similar to a number of other cases, including Shukri Ali Said. According to CAIR, these things are all examples of racist police catering to white people, and killing POC’s.

This may be one of the most ignorant 40-minute conversations you will ever listen to. Because while looking for all kinds of patterns, CAIR misses a very significant commonality between Yassin Mohamed and Shukri Ali Said. The families let down these people. Mohamad was crying out for help, and received none from his family. And the Said family stayed home after calling 911. It was the neglect of the families that led to the shooting in both cases.

But CAIR will never see this, since they are too busy loving and protecting violent Muslims in this country, while they simultaneously hate police and white people.

Video Sheds Light on Hours Leading Up to Officer-Involved Shooting in Evans County

All On Georgia

The more specific details made available from the Claxton Police Department do refute an early narrative by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which contends that Mohamed was targeted because of his race, his Muslim faith, and for ‘jaywalking.’ One CAIR director called the shooting “identical” to the Ahmaud Arbery incident, the Glynn County shooting from February that made headlines for a number of reasons, to include the invocation of the ‘citizens arrest’ statute, the conflicts of interest by the District Attorney’s Office, and the lack of investigatory action by prosecutors.

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