Poll: 52% of Parents View Homeschooling More Favorably Since Coronavirus School Closures

Destroying far left public education may be the great silver lining of the corona panic. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more parents being open to the idea of home schooling for their children. Home schooling is a much better option for children, given how American schools have turned into left-wing cesspools.

Poll: 52% of Parents View Homeschooling More Favorably Since Coronavirus School Closures

By Breitbart, May 4, 2020

poll released April 21 by a school choice advocacy nonprofit found that since the coronavirus outbreak has caused many brick-and-mortar school closures, 52 percent of parents have a more favorable opinion of homeschooling.

EdChoice, a national organization that advocates for state-based school choice programs, joined with technology company Morning Consult to survey American K-12 parents on the topic of how the coronavirus crisis has affected them and their children, particularly regarding education:

Because many more American parents are engaged in at-home schooling with their children, the survey asked, “How have your opinions on homeschooling changed as a result of the coronavirus?”

Among parents participating in the poll, 52 percent said their view of homeschooling was “more favorable,” with 28 percent labeling their opinion as “much more favorable,” and 24 percent stating their view was “somewhat more favorable.”

Of those parents who responded with a “less favorable” opinion of homeschooling, 18 percent said their view was “somewhat less favorable” and 8 percent said it was “much less favorable,” while 22 percent either did not know their view or had no opinion.

When parents were asked “how prepared” they felt to facilitate their children’s online learning, 71 percent said they felt prepared, with 38 percent stating they felt “very prepared” and 33 percent responding they felt “somewhat prepared.”

Among the parents, 14 percent replied they felt “not that prepared,” and 7 percent said they were “not at all prepared,” while 8 percent had no opinion.

According to the survey, 54 percent of parents are concerned about their child missing schoolwork during the closures, with 33 percent “very concerned” and 21 percent “somewhat concerned.”

Additionally, 43 percent of parents said they were “very concerned” about their child “missing instruction time,” and 26 percent said they were “somewhat concerned.”

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