Republican David Valadao Flips Blue House Seat In CA; Third GOP Pick-Up Of Election In State

Every California flip has been blue to red – I wouldn’t’ be surprised if California went red and the D-bags defrauded the state.

BREAKING: Republican David Valadao Flips Blue House Seat In CA; Third GOP Pick-Up Of Election In State

Eric Quintanar, Nov 27, 2020,

Republican House candidate David Valadao (R-CA) has defeated Congressman TJ Cox (D-CA), flipping California’s 21st congressional district from blue to red, reports The Associated Press.

The Associated Press called the race on Friday morning after more than three weeks of uncertainty. Valadao, a former congressman who represented the district from 2013 to 2019, was defeated by Cox in the 2018 midterms but has now become the third Republican to flip a California congressional district in the 2020 general election.

According to DecisionDeskHQ, Valadao carried the district by about a 1% margin as of Friday morning. The Republican drew 84,480 votes, while Cox drew 82,685 votes. DecisionDeskHQ called the race back on Wednesday, prompting Valadao to respond: “As vote counts come to a close, I am honored to receive the support of #CA21 voters and look forward to returning to Congress to represent the Central Valley. Thank you to those who have worked tirelessly to make the voice of the Valley heard this election!”

The results of the race have been leaning in Valadao’s favor for a while, but the former congressman had been declining to declare victory. Back in 2018, The Associated Press had called the race for Valadao but then rescinded after Cox took the lead. After Cook Political Report election’s analyst Dave Wasserman called the 2020 race for Valadao last week, Valadao simply said that the election returns were encouraging.

“Today’s election update for #CA21 has been encouraging. While we continue to patiently wait for the remaining votes to be counted, I’d like to thank all those who have supported my campaign and helped us accomplish so much this year,” he tweeted.

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