Sheriff David Clarke: ‘You’d have to loathe black people’ to defund police

Watch Sheriff Clarke destroy CNN’s Don Lemon in 2016 about the anti-cop BLM.

Sheriff David Clarke: ‘You’d have to loathe black people’ to defund police

By WND, June 2019

Defunding police is yet another proposed solution based on a false narrative that will only make life worse for blacks in America, contends the former, four-time elected sheriff of multi-racial Milwaukee County.

“The biggest losers in all this will be poor black people in crime-ridden ghettos. The police are the only thing standing between them and violent criminal predators,” said David Clarke in an interview Monday with WND.

“You’d have to loathe black people to do that to them.”

Clarke, 63, said the proposal advocated by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has quickly gained traction among Democratic leaders in cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis, “isn’t a serious public policy proposal, it’s buffoonery.”

Since the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day in universally condemned actions by Minneapolis police officers, a majority of the city’s council members have pledged to dismantle the police department. Leaders in other cities propose shifting funds from law enforcement to social programs intended to reduce crime.

“Police departments are already underfunded,” Clarke said. “Why not just turn policing into a 9 to 5, Monday through Friday operation? That is all they’ll have money for.”


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