Shut up, you’re a racist!

If someone decides that you’re a racist, nothing won’t change his mind.

Between Hollywood, which promises not to hire white actors for leading roles, and Black Lives Matter, which asks white people to kneel and ask for forgiveness, white privilege is becoming a rare and expensive commodity.

I just had a conversation with a cashier at a Chevron gas station. A black man.

I don’t know how it came up, but since the subject is on everyone’s lips, it comes almost naturally these days.

I told him that I’m “color-blind,” that I don’t see skin color of people when I’m talking to someone, and as such, I’m not racist at all and have never been.

What did he answer back to me?

I am a racist, because if I don’t see the color of his skin, then I deny his racial characteristic and his culture.

I said: “Then if I see your skin color, it means that I recognize your race, thus I am not racist?”

He says: “Of course not! If you see me as a black man and not as a person, then you are racist.

I didn’t point out to him that with his reasoning, I always lose! I signed my receipt and left.

I also didn’t tell him that the suspicion of me being racist simply because I’m white is the most awful form of racism, the one where you’re locked into the color of your skin, unable to do anything about it; thus it denies our humanity, our ability to think by ourselves and not as a group.

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