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Tara Reade explains past praise for Biden, cryptic ‘tic toc’ tweet she made before coming forward

By Fox News, May 9, 2020

Tara Reade addressed her past praise for former Vice President Joe Biden during an interview released on Friday, as well as a cryptic message on Twitter that has drawn the attention of skeptics of Reade’s claim that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Reade went public with her assault claim against Biden in late March. Last year, she was one of several women to come forward and accuse the presumptive Democratic nominee of unwanted touching. However, Reade’s past social media activity, including her positive responses to Biden’s activism on behalf of sex assault victims, raised eyebrows.

“As recently as 2017, you were praising Joe Biden publicly,” interviewer Megyn Kelly.

“Right,” Reade acknowledged.

“And I think that has a lot of people scratching their heads, right?” Kelly continued. “On multiple occasions, you retweeted or liked online praise for Joe Biden and his work combatting sexual assault. There was a compliment you tweeted about him saying, ‘My old boss speaks truth. Listen.’

“I mean, it is true that women do sometimes praise men who have sexually harassed or abused them,” Kelly added, “but why would you publicly praise Joe Biden for actions on sexual assault when you claim that’s what he did to you?”

“Well, one thing during that time- I’m an expert witness on domestic violence issues, as you know, so that was, like an account, you know, part of that awareness of domestic violence and other violent acts,” Reade responded, alluding to a past marriage to an abusive husband. “I’ve always been conflicted about Joe Biden. I didn’t want to talk badly about him and I wasn’t ready to tell my history with Joe Biden at that point at all. And nor [did I have] any idea of going to the press at that point. It wasn’t until 2019 when I saw Lucy Flores and the way the media treated her … I felt like I wanted to come forward.”


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