Terror-Tied CAIR Exploits George Floyd’s Death

CAIR is joining in the exploitation of George Floyd’s death to bash police.

Although we still do not know all the details of this story, it is unlikely that authorities will find anything to excuse the suffocation death of Floyd while in police custody.

But, what is perfectly clear is that CAIR has nothing to do with this story. Instead, CAIR’s Jaylani Hussein is inciting people to hate police, and the broader society, as well.

Here is some of what he says in his dispatch from the scene in Minneapolis.

  • We are seeing this all over the country
  • The same thing is happening in your neighborhood where ever you live
  • Police are descendants of slave catchers
  • The police are an occupying force
  • the police force is prosecuting the poor
  • Police should not have guns
  • Police are training for war
  • No one knows what could happen to them if the police pull them over for any reason

Now, for perspective, recall that no rioting took place when police officer Mohamed Noor shot Justine Damond. Let us take a look at what Jaylani Hussein said then.

Here Hussein said he believed the city was treating Noor differently because he is Somali-Muslim.

“His [Noor’s]actions could be taken to represent likely actions of all Somalis. “ Our entire community  is going to be dragged into this mess,” Hussein said.

Of course, Jaylani Hussein is now dragging all police officers into this current mess.

““The police union, the leadership of the department and the city, they have all definitely left [Noor] behind,” said Jaylani Hussein, the executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “We know that this is definitely not just because of this officer. We know that his race, his religion, all of that has an impact.”

Hijab-wearing Mayor Betsy Hodges instituted hiring policies in the police department to prioritize the hiring of Somali Muslims. This was at a time when more than 22 young men from the community had left the state to join jihad slaughterers in Somalia.. The area in Minneapolis where Muslim killer-cop was recruited and fast-tracked for police work is a notorious hot spot for jihad recruitment.

He didn’t have the temperament to be a police officer. n the force since 2015, he had three complaints against him. He was described by neighbors as “jumpy,” “ill-tempered,” “strict” and “disrespectful of women and blacks.”

Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond to death at point blank range. Damond had called 911 to report a sexual assault behind her home when she heard the woman screaming for help. Mohamed Noor “shot to kill” her when she approached his squad car just minutes after she called 911. Noor refused to talk to investigators when he was offered a chance to do a voluntary interview, and prosecutors wanted to use that as evidence.

“The circumstances surrounding the crime show that the defendant acted with the intent to kill,” prosecutors wrote in a motion to add second-degree murder.

Noor was found guilty of with murder and manslaughter.

The truth is, the city did treat Noor differently because he was a Somali-Muslim. They fast tracked him even though he was not qualified to be a police officer.

Equally true is that CAIR maintains an adversarial stance towards society in general, and police, in particular, at all times.

That is unless the police are Somali Muslims. Just a month after a jury found Muhamad Noor guilty in the murder of Justine Damond, Jaylani Hussein celebrated an all Somali Metro Transit police team.

And the same cops that terror-tied CAIR is now dragging covered for Noor:

DAMNING VIDEO: ‘Keep your mouth shut’: Shocking moment sweat-soaked cop Mohamed Noor is told to stay quiet by fellow officers after murdering Justine Damond

Edward Ahmed Mitchell ends this discussion by saying he looks forward to the day when they won’t have to discuss this topic any more. Well, they can stop talking about it right now because they have absolutely nothing to do with it, and are not helping.

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