U.S. Outrage As Video Of Biden Surfaces Saying ‘NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT BEING AMERICAN”

This is root of the war the Democrats are waging on America. Evil, irrational, anti-real.

The Democrats want us to be just another nation, a country like every other mediocre country. But we are not like any another country. We are exceptional. We are the apex, the epitome of human existence and enlightenment, the first moral government based on individual rights. Governed not ruled. The statists (the left) despise this and work furiously to destroy it. We respect it, honor it, and treat with dignity.

American exceptionalism: America’s founding ideal was the principle of individual rights. Nothing more—and nothing less. The rest—everything that America achieved, everything she became, everything “noble and just,” and heroic, and great, and unprecedented in human history—was the logical consequence of fidelity to that one principle. The first consequence was the principle of political freedom, i.e., an individual’s freedom from physical compulsion, coercion or interference by the government. The next was the economic implementation of political freedom: the system of capitalism. (Ayn Rand)

Individualism: Ayn Rand underscores the contrast between a political system that holds the individual’s life and freedom as sacrosanct and one that subordinates him to a group (whether class, race, nation, or some other collective):

Individualism holds that man has inalienable rights which cannot be taken away from him by any other man, nor by any number, group or collective of other men. Therefore, each man exists by his own right and for his own sake, not for the sake of the group.

Collectivism holds that man has no rights; that his work, his body and his personality belong to the group; that the group can do with him as it pleases, in any manner it pleases, for the sake of whatever it decides to be its own welfare. Therefore, each man exists only by the permission of the group and for the sake of the group.

“Since the golden age of Greece, there has been only one era of reason in twenty-three centuries of Western philosophy. During the final decades of that era, the United States of America was created as an independent nation. This is the key to the country—to its nature, its development, and its uniqueness: the United States is the nation of the Enlightenment.”

    The basic principle of the United States of America is Individualism.
    America is built on the principle that Man possesses Inalienable Rights;

  • that these rights belong to each man as an individual — not to “men” as a group or collective;
  • that these rights are the unconditional, private, personal, individual possession of each man — not the public, social, collective possession of a group;
  • that these rights are granted to man by the fact of his birth as a man — not by an act of society;
  • that man holds these rights, not from the Collective nor for the Collective, but against the Collective — as a barrier which the Collective cannot cross;
  • that these rights are man’s protection against all other men;
  • that only on the basis of these rights can men have a society of freedom, justice, human dignity, and decency.

The Constitution of the United States of America is not a document that limits the rights of man — but a document that limits the power of society over man.

US fury as unearthed video shows Joe Biden claiming ‘nothing special about being American’

FOOTAGE has emerged of President Joe Biden claiming it is “nothing special to be an American” which caused an uproar on US Fox News as commentators shared their feelings about his comments.

By Tom Hussey

The video comes from a speech given by Mr Biden at Harvard University’s Insitute of Politics in 2014. The then Vice-President under former President Barack Obama was giving a speech about what defines an American when he claimed that there is “nothing special” about being American. But Mr Biden’s comments sparked a backlash from commentators appearing on Fox News who branded the claims as not giving “confidence that he is in control of things” while another claimed the Biden administration do not “believe in American exceptionalism.”

In the old footage, then Vice-President Biden says: “America’s strength ultimately lies in its people.

“There is nothing special about being American.

“None of you can define what an American is!”

He added: “You can’t define it based on religion, ethnicity, race, culture.”

Biden said there was “nothing special about being an American” (Image: Fox News)

Mr Biden made the comments in 2014 (Image: Fox News)

But the Fox News panel were not impressed by the unearthed footage.

Laughing in apparent shock at the comments, Fox News contributor Joe Concha said: “I just tell my five and seven year-old everyday that ‘you live in the greatest country in the world’.

“That’s what it means to be American’s: you have freedoms and you have a life here that you can be whatever you want.

“My daughter declared to me that she wants to be the first female President of the United States and my son apparently wants to be an astronaut.”

And in a bold claim, Ms Boothe added: “If you wanted to destroy a country from within, would you do anything differently than Joe Biden has done over the past few months?”

In a speech ahead of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan which led to chaos at Kabul airport as thousands of Afghan’s rushed to flee the country as it fell into the hands of the Taliban, Mr Biden claimed he had the interests of American’s at heart saying he did not want to see anymore “headstones” of US soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery as a result of continued involvement in the conflict.

He said: “How many more generations of America’s daughters and sons would you have me send to the fight Afghanistan’s civil war when Afghan troops will now? How many American lives is it worth? How many endless rows of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery. I’m clear on my answer.

“I will not repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past. The mistake of staying and fighting indefinitely in a conflict is not in the national interest of the United States, nor is doubling down on a civil war in a foreign country or attempting to remake a country through the endless military deployments of US forces.”

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