UK: Muslim goes on stabbing spree, arrested after three feared dead in Forbury Gardens attack

Here is a reminder that the left is not the only violent and destructive force on the scene today. And in this case, the British authorities have already — and uncharacteristically — conceded that it’s terrorism-related. But don’t expect this to herald a new age of realism in Britain.

“Reading stabbings: Man arrested after three feared dead in Forbury Gardens attack – latest news,” by Mike Wright, Steve Bird and Jack Hardy, Telegraph, June 20, 2020:

Police have arrested a man at the scene of stabbings in Reading in which three people are feared dead and two are in critical care in hospital.

The Telegraph understands the incident is being treated as terror-related.

A source told the Telegraph there were three individuals declared dead at the scene and two transferred to the emergency department of Royal Berkshire Hospital, where they are receiving resuscitation.

Thames Valley Police said: “A number of people sustained injuries and were taken to hospital. A police cordon is in place in Forbury Gardens as officers investigate. We are asking the public to avoid the area at this time.”

Eye-witness accounts on social media have reported paramedics and police tending to wounded people in the park.

PA: Suspect is Libyan

A security source has told the Press Association that the man who has been arrested is Libyan.

‘He stabbed people in the neck’

An eyewitness has described how the attacker stabbed people in the neck and set upon a group of 10 people.

Lawrence Wort, 20, a personal trainer from Chippenham, told the Press Association: “So the park was pretty full, a lot of people sat around drinking with friends when one lone person walked through, suddenly shouted some unintelligible words and went around a large group of around 10, trying to stab them.

“He stabbed three of them, severely in the neck, and under the arms, and then turned and started running towards me, and we turned and started running.

“When he realised that he couldn’t catch us, he tried to stab another group sat down, he got one person in the back of the neck and then when he realised everyone was starting to run, he ran out the park.”

Incident ‘terror-related’

The Telegraph has learnt that the incident is being treated as terror-related….

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