Unhinged Media Complete Mental Breakdown Over Trump’s Good Health 🥜

Evil. Pure evil.

America is a compassionate nation. There is no way they are OK with the vicious parade of death wishes and obits.
Daybreak Insider: A look at a series of frothy tweets from the media (Washington Examiner). And there were many others, like this from Jake Tapper, that made themselves out to be the real heroes for showing more fear (Twitter).  Maureen Down insists “When Trump walked through the doors, Walter Reed had a stellar reputation. As he walks out 72 hours later, its reputation is in tatters. There’s nothing Trump can’t ruin” (Twitter).  A CNN reporter who complained Trump removed his mask once he got home was the very same reporter who was caught on camera removing her mask the moment she thought the cameras were turned off (Daily Wire).  Perhaps the strangest tweet came from a Bloomberg reporter: When we asked if anyone on medical team recommended against taking Trump back to the White House each one of the doctors shook their head “no.” But not very vigorously (Twitter). From Mollie Hemingway: OK, on behalf of the sane part of the country, I have to ask … is there something we can do about the major media’s complete mental breakdown that we’re all witnessing right now? Legit worried about them (Twitter). From Sean Davis: The completely insane media reaction to everything Trump has done post-coronavirus diagnosis makes sense when you realize that what they’re really outraged about is that he’s alive (Twitter).

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