VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Crows: “China would prefer Joe Biden”

The Democrats are so far gone, so full of hatred of America, they are boasting. Imagine running on ‘Hitler’s choice!’

Nancy Pelosi Admits On CNN: "China Would Prefer Joe Biden" - Dateway

Why does China prefer Joe Biden, Nancy? The treasonous Speaker of the House doesn’t even understand why China preferring Joe Biden is a serious problem. The Dems will gift this country to China if they take power in November.

Nancy Pelosi Crows: “China would prefer Joe Biden” [Video]

By 100 Percent Fed up, August 9, 2020

Nancy Pelosi joined CNN’s Dana Bash this morning to discuss the latest on Joe Biden and President Trump. In a strange clip from the interview, House Speaker Pelosi repeatedly claims that China would “prefer” that Joe Biden is POTUS.

Pelosi seems to be pushing this narrative as a positive for Joe Biden when Biden’s history with China is troubling (see report below).

“China would prefer Joe Biden.”

Did she forget that China unleached coronavirus on the world and didn’t tell anyone?

Also, Biden has a long history of friendship with China…this is not good.

One of President Trump’s campaign ads is all about Biden’s connections to China. There’s so much to unpack here because Biden has a long history involving China (see report below).

The effectiveness of an ad can be judged by how loud the opponent yells.

Joe Biden, Dems & media can’t handle the truth of Sleepy Joe’s record plus Hunter trading on his dad’s name for big cash from the Chinese Communists.

This ad is Fire

Watch the ad they don’t want you to see!

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