WATCH: Democrats’ Solution To Inflation: Charge Thanksgiving Guests & Don’t Buy Turkey

This is not the Onion. This is true.

The Democrats are officially the party of misery. They hate the good for being the good.

The Left’s Solution To Inflation: Charge Thanksgiving Guests & Don’t Buy Turkey

For those of you old enough to remember President Jimmy Carter’s disastrous presidency, it must feel like Déjà vu … all over again.

The Beltway Report, November 25, 2021:

Thanks to the unprecedented spending that the Democrats have pushed through Congress, which Joe Biden has signed, combined with the supply chain disruptions caused by the tyrannical response by government to the COVID outbreak, etc, Inflation has begun to spiral out of control.

While the opioid epidemic ravages the nation and addicts seek their next dose so they don’t get sick, the economy is experiencing a similar phenomenon. The only difference is that that markets do not need chemicals to keep from crashing and getting ‘sick’, it needs money, and lots of it. More and more each and every second.

Combine the insane spending of TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of dollars with the absurdly low interest rates we have had, thanks to the Federal Reserve, and the American economy has become a junky, always in need of a fix. Just like with drugs, an economic ‘tolerance’ is built up to the low interest rates and cheap money.

So what is the solution to this problem? Sound economic minds will tell you that a crash is inevitable. The economy has been manipulated for so long that a ‘reset’ is needed. No, I am not talking about ‘The Great Reset’, I am talking about returning to the principals of the free market, where interest rates are controlled by lenders, not some central authority trying, and failing, to manage economic cycles.

What is the left’s solution? Get used to life sucking and prepare for it to get even worse. Essentially their strategy is ‘grab your ankles’.

Just look at what NBC’s Vicky Nguyen suggested as solutions …

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