WATCH: “Get the f*ck outta here!” protesters yell at Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey because he said he doesn’t want to defund the police

Watch watch happens when Minneapolis Mayor Frey is asked if he will defund the police.

“We don’t want no more police” “It is a yes or no answer.”

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Mayor Jacob Frey called out at George Floyd protest, gets booed
He was booed by the crowd when he failed to commit to defunding the MPD.

By: Adam Uren, June 6, 2020:

A massive protest march in memory of George Floyd wound up outside the home of Mayor Jacob Frey, and his appearance didn’t go down too well.l.

The mayor, who has been under pressure for his response to the protests and riots sparked by Floyd’s death at the hands of city police, was called out by protesters and came to the front of the demonstration to answer questions.

He was asked point blank whether he would commit to defunding the Minneapolis Police Department at the Black Visions Collective march in Northeast Minneapolis , which comes amid calls from city council members including president Lisa Bender and Ward 5 councilor Jeremiah Ellison to “dismantle” the force in recent days.

His answer was no, promising sweeping changes instead, but this resulted in boos from the crowd that numbers in the thousands. The speaker, meanwhile, told him to “get the f*** outta here.”

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