WATCH LIVE: President Trump briefs the Nation on testing

WATCH LIVE: President Trump briefs the Nation on testing

The United States will soon hit another milestone in its unprecedented Coronavirus response: 10 million tests performed across the country. That’s far more than most other nations on Earth combined.

President Trump has led a historic effort to ramp up testing nationwide, partnering with the private sector to accomplish more than government ever could alone. Starting from scratch, America has now conducted over 8 million tests in just a few months.

In addition to testing more people than any other country in the world, the United States is focusing resources where they’re needed most. In hotspot areas, testing is now up to four times more per capita than in other major countries, including South Korea.

This massive mobilization, the biggest since World War II, includes expanded production of personal protective equipment, ventilators, tests, and more. Last week, President Trump visited a repurposed Honeywell facility in Arizona that now makes N95 respirators—an incredible factory transformation that took just 5 weeks to complete. Efforts like these are paving the way for a safe reopening of our country.

Thanks to President Trump, we now have sufficient testing to allow states to begin a phased reopening when they so choose. If state officials and others implement plans correctly, “we will have and there will be enough tests to allow us to take this country safely through phase one” of President Trump’s Guidelines, Dr. Anthony Fauci says.

“We’re going to build our country back,” President Trump told a group of Republican lawmakers at the White House on Friday. “And we’re going to build it back fast.”

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